Britney Spears’ dogs were ‘NEAR DEATH’ when housekeeper rushed pets to hospital keeping them from pop star

BRITNEY Spears’ dogs were “NEAR DEATH” when her housekeeper rushed her pets to the hospital and kept the pets from the pop star.

The 39-year-old is currently being investigated after she allegedly hit her housekeeper at her home on Monday in an argument over her dog.

Britney’s dogs were ‘near death’ when her housekeeper rushed them to the hospitalCredit: AP

The beloved pups were kept away from the singer


The beloved pups were kept away from the singer

Britney allegedly slapped her staffer’s phone away from her hand after she took one of the singer’s dogs to the vet, The Sun can confirm.

However, officials told The Sun that there were “no injuries” and “no arrests” were made.


On Saturday, TMZ reported that the singer’s two dogs fell “seriously ill” and one was even “close to death.”

A source told the outlet that the housekeeper believed the only way to save the animals was by taking them to the vet, which meant the dogs were kept away from Britney.

The insider claimed one of Britney’s dogs has serious digestive issues, while both pets were supposed to be fed a special type of food.

The housekeeper allegedly became concerned when she saw the dogs regularly being fed table scraps, which could make the pets to very sick.

Additionally, the housekeeper claimed both dogs were dehydrated from a lack of water.

The fear of the dogs being dehydrated is what influenced the housekeeper to take the pups on an emergency trip to the vet.

Once the vet examined the dogs, the vet was allegedly alarmed and the singer’s dog sitter decided it would be best if she cared for the dogs.


Earlier this week, it was reported that the housekeeper told the cops that she took one of Britney’s dogs to get checked out because she wasn’t happy with how they were being treated.

Upon her return, the housekeeper claimed that she and Britney got into a disagreement about the pup’s health, which led Britney to allegedly knock the housekeeper’s phone out of her hands.

The woman filed a report at the Sheriff’s station after the alleged incident – which officials said will be handed over to the District Attorney’s office “probably on Friday.”

Sources close to Britney exclusively told The Sun that she did “NOT hit her housekeeper” and is “upset” a staffer called the cops after a “minor” argument.


An insider claimed: ”Britney did not hit her housekeeper, she didn’t hit anybody. She had no physical contact with anyone in her household.”

“There was an argument on Monday over one of Britney’s dogs which led to cops being called but there were no injuries, not even a scratch.

“Cops being called was an exaggerated reaction to the situation.”

It was later revealed that Britney called the police to report theft at her mansion before the alleged incident with her housekeeper.


TMZ previously reported that Britney suspected her dad, Jamie Spears, had something to do with the dogs’ disappearance.

While she called the cops on August 10 with the intent to file a theft report over the dogs, she eventually changed her mind.

The drama comes after Britney scored a major victory in the ongoing conservatorship case.

Earlier this month, docs filed by Jamie’s lawyer stated he will be stepping down as his daughter’s conservator.

However, it will still be a long road as to when – or if – Jamie will be removed from the conservatorship.



The singer is currently under investigation for allegedly hitting her housekeeperCredit: INSTAGRAM

Britney and the housekeeper got into a fight over the dogs


Britney and the housekeeper got into a fight over the dogsCredit: Britney Spears/Instagram

She has blamed Jamie for the dog drama


She has blamed Jamie for the dog dramaCredit: AFP
Britney Spears ‘accused of attacking housekeeper after argument over dog’s treatment’ but singer denies claims

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