Britney Spears Housekeeper Alleges Dog Was ‘Near Death’ Before Trip to Vet

Britney Spears’ housekeeper, who is accusing the singer of battery after the two got in a heated discussion regarding her pets, is now saying that the dog she took to the vet was “near death” before its trip to the vet. The housekeeper says both of Britney’s dogs were dealing with a severe case of dehydration and digestion issues which made her believe the trip to the animal hospital was necessary. The Blast previously reported that the dog was staying with the vet –– and away from Britney –– for observation since the case was so severe.

When the dogs didn’t return home from the vet with the housekeeper, Britney allegedly put her hands on her employee, slapping her phone away from her and hitting her hands. The singer at the moment went so far as to accuse her father Jamie Spears of kidnapping the dogs or having some part in the dog’s disappearance. The “Gimme More” singer called the police at the time of the disappearance and filed a theft report for both of her animals.

Spears’ housekeeper filed a police report against the singer following the altercation and she’s currently being investigated by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for battery. One report claims Spears was worried her employee would send photos of the dogs and their condition to her father, who is no longer the head of her personal estate. His main role is taking care of her finances, which doesn’t include the dogs or their health. The dogs have yet to be returned to Britney’s custody and she’s not out of trouble with the law yet.

According to the outlet, the Sheriff’s department will be sending the case over to the District Attorney’s office meaning Britney could be facing battery charges. Unfortunately, the investigation is starting as the singer’s been making strides in freeing herself of her conservatorship. She’s reportedly been preparing to file court documents formally asking the judge to remove her conservatorship, but with the added trouble going on, it could open questions about how well the singer can take care of herself and her pets.

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