Britney Spears On A Path To ‘Healing’ With The Conservatorship Case Out Of The Way

Britney Spears seems to be on her way back to the top as her father, Jamie Spears, was recently suspended from his role as her estate conservator during a court session.

The pop princess took to her official Instagram account on Saturday to share a very important message about this new phase of her life, in which she is focusing on herself.

According to Britney, her life is going through changes, but although there are things to celebrate, like her father’s suspension, she still has a long way to go when it comes to healing.

In a post featuring a tree with several branches extending through a hole in the ceiling, the singer explained that she is currently taking some time for herself, a moment to “slow down and breathe.”

Jamie’s actions while conservator are currently being investigated after being accused of misconduct.

Not only that, Britney wrote that, thankfully, she has a good support system and that only through self-love she can pray, love, and support others in return.

The mother-of-two is finally getting some grasp over her own life and future, especially after judge Brenda Penny agreed to the request made by her attorney Mathew Rosengart.


Rosengart asked the judge to suspend Jamie and appoint John Zabel as Britney’s temporary conservator, which ended up happening, but the 69-year-old was not happy about the decision.

Following the court hearing, Jamie said his suspension was, in fact, a “loss” for Britney and that it was a mistake putting “a stranger in his place to manage Britney’s estate.”

Despite no longer playing any role in his daughter’s life, Jamie claimed that he was willing to continue working, in good faith, towards a positive resolution of all matters.

He also added that he always made sure to work with his daughter’s best interests in mind, wanting nothing more than to help her get her career back on track and to rebuild her relationship with her children.

Jamie volunteered to step away from his role as conservator earlier in September, a role he played since 2008 following a couple of Britney’s public outbursts.

His actions while a conservator is currently being investigated after being accused of misconduct, including being “cruel” and abusive towards Britney on several occasions in the past 13 years.


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