Britney Spears Promises One Day She’ll ‘Live On The Edge’

Britney Spears is not letting the recent ruling in her conservatorship case get her down.

The Blast reported on Monday, August 9, a Los Angeles County judge DENIED Britney’s request to kick her father out of the conservatorship.

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Britney’s request to have the discussion of removing her father done ASAP has been denied and she will now have to wait until September. In the filing, Britney’s request to have her dad suspended as conservator until the hearing was also denied.

Britney was sick of waiting for Jamie Spears to be booted from the conservatorship and had her legal team file documents asking for it to be argued in August rather than at the end of September.

Brit’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, quoted her current conservator — Jodi Montgomery — essentially saying every day that goes by is traumatizing for the pop star.

“Mr. Spears’ removal as conservator is critical to [Britney’s] emotional health and well-being and in the best interest of [Britney,]” the document stated.

“I have had numerous, ongoing conversations with the medical team and we all agree that it would be best for Ms. Spears’ well-being and mental health that her father stop acting as Conservator,” Rosengart noted.

Britney has cut the “I’m doing fine” act on social media and has gotten candid with fans in recent months.

On the same day her request was denied, Britney posted a video of a fan with a #FreeBritney flag waving in front of their house.

She captioned the boomerang video, “Geez look at that flag 🙊🤯🥺 !!!! I was like “My flag up over the American Flag !?!?” … Yes … I’m tooting my own horn 📯 .. is that bad ????? I know in my previous post I said you guys know my situation but LET ME CLARIFY … you only know half of it !!!!”

Britney continued, “And for a lot of you who say I should be cautious with what I post … I mean if you REALLY THINK ABOUT IT … with what I’ve been through I believe I been WAAAY TOO CAUTIOUS!!!!”

She made sure to let her fans know that one day she hopes to “live on the edge.”

Of course, fans flocked to her comments to express their support and belief that one day Britney will be freed.

Britney posted another video on Monday of avocado toast with a quote from Selena Gomez and announced she’d be posting less.

“In a system where I’ve felt completely hopeless for so long, at least I do have a platform to share !!!! As Selena Gomez says it best – The world can be a nasty place … I know it … you know it … kill them with kindness,” she captioned the video. “Unfortunately the news has been pretty nasty saying horrible and mean lies about me so I’m gonna post a little less from now on 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ !!!! Pssss this was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and it’s inspired me to take on a new passion in the cooking field !!!! God bless you beautiful people … TA TA 👋🏼 !!!!”

Selena commented on the post saying, “Love you @britneyspears! You’re welcome to come cook with me any time!”

The “Only Murders In The Building” actress has her own cooking show, “Selena + Chef,” on HBO Max.

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