Britney Spears Thankful To Mathew Rosengart Who Helped her To Change Her Life After Her Father’s Suspension.

Britney Spears is currently on cloud nine and is thankful to the man she chose to represent her in court, attorney Mathew Rosengart, who helped her get a hold of her own life.

The 39-year-old pop singer recently took to her official Instagram page to thank Rosengart for helping her change her life, describing him as “amazing.”

It is true that Rosengart played a huge role throughout Britney’s legal battle against her father, Jamie Spears, and the conservatorship she was under for 13 years.

However, everything changed on September 29, when Judge Brenda Penny agreed to Rosengart’s request to suspend Jamie from his role as conservator of the singer’s estate.

She celebrated with a trip to French Polynesia with fiancé Sam Asghari.

The 69-year-old was responsible, for over a decade, of overseeing his daughter’s affairs, including her $60 million fortune, with that responsibility now belonging to accountant John Zabel.

Judge Penny appointed Zabel to be Britney’s estate conservator until the end of the year, but while she won this battle, there are still matters that need to be taken care of.

The “Baby One More Time” alum has a court hearing scheduled for November 12 and she is quite hopeful about her chances of having a completely different life now that her father is no longer in the picture.

According to Rosengart, last week’s hearing was heavily focused on “communications between Jamie Spears and his counsel,” but he is looking into possible “financial misconduct” by the 69-year-old.

Rosengart believes Jamie took advantage of his role as conservator of Britney’s estate to steal millions of dollars from his daughter. He is also under investigation for “cruel” and “abusive” behavior.

Following the attorney’s accusations, Vivian Thoreen, Jamie’s legal representative, claimed her client “loves his daughter Britney unconditionally.”

Jamie also criticized Judge Penny for putting a “stranger” in charge of Britney’s estate, describing it as a mistake. However, following his suspension, Thoreen said:

“Despite the suspension, Mr. Spears will continue to look out for the best interests of his daughter and work in good faith towards a positive resolution of all matters.”

As aforementioned, Britney is quite happy with how things are turning out at the moment, so much that she celebrated with a trip to French Polynesia with fiancé Sam Asghari.


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