Brits crack up at supermarket shopper’s gory Halloween prank in Tesco meat aisle

Autumn is here and we’re slowly edging towards spooky season and all that it entails – from carving pumpkins to spiced lattes.

And, because Halloween is mere weeks away, supermarkets have begun to stock ghoulish costumes, decorations and props ready for October 31.

Whether you’re dressing up your little goblins or heading to a spooktacular house party there’s sure to be something out there for you.

However, it seems some Halloween fans have taken to causing mischief early in their local Tesco.

Posting on Reddit, an amused shopper said: “Someone having a laugh in the meat aisle.”

In the snap attached, a number of refrigerated shelves in the supermarket showed a number of packets of mince.

They popped a severed arm prop in the mince section

But, on the bottom shelf, a gory Halloween prop had been placed to scare fellow shoppers.

The decoration resembled an arm severed at the elbow with skin and bone exposed and a large gash on the front of the hand.

Hundreds of Brits in the CasualUK forum laughed at the image – and many posted joked.

“Don’t worry, he’s ‘armless,” chucked one while another said: “Let’s give them a hand”.

Another made a quip about the recent food shortages and wrote: “See, shelves aren’t empty!”

Are you ready for the scariest time of the year?
Are you ready for the scariest time of the year?

While a fourth laughed: “Fresh meat does cost an arm and a leg… so where’s the leg?”

Another said: “Ooh are we finally eating the rich?”

“Sounds like a stunt a vegan would try,” grumbled another poster.

But, it seems that the joke is not an isolated incident as some commenters said that the same prop had been used in their local Tesco to frighten customers too.

What do you think – a good laugh or a bit too far? Tell us in the comments…


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