Brits share brutally honest verdict on Cadbury’s Caramilk – with many preferring Caramac

Cadbury recently decided to launch a UK version of the popular classic Caramilk bars for first time ever.

And although some are excited about the caramel white chocolate bar hitting the shelves, some aren’t happy about it.

This became apparent this week when TV presenter Richard Osman tweeted about the chocolate bars.

Addressing his 1million Twitter followers on Friday (September 17), the star wrote: “Has anyone tried Caramilk? What’s the verdict?”

It seemed his simple question sparked chaos as the comedian had more than 1,000 responses.

And many couldn’t help but compare it to Nestlé’s Caramac bar. The caramel-flavoured chocolate is an old favourite amongst many, seeing as it has been around for more than 50 years.

Richard Osman asked what Cadbury’s Caramilk bars are like

One Twitter user told Richard: “It’s like Caramac but incredibly, almost sickly sweet.”

While another added: “Tastes of nothing but sugar. The caramel undercurrent is so suppressed as to be barely detectable. Not a patch on the venerable Caramac.”

While a third added: “Caramac cannot be replicated :(.”

In fact there were so many comparisons to Caramac, that it even began trending on Twitter.

Richard exclaimed: “Wow, ‘Caramac’ is now trending. That was quick.”

Nestle Caramac bar
Many said Caramilk bars don’t compare to Caramac

Despite many claiming Caramac is better than Caramilk, the Cadbury chocolate did have some fans.

One wrote: “I had a bar of this the other day and it was like sophisticated grown-up Caramac. Very nice.”

While another added: “I like it, to me it tastes like fudge but with the bite of chocolate.”

A third chimed in: “Great. Another candy bar crave!”

What’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below…

Cadbury announced its ‘retro’ golden Caramilk bars were hitting UK stores back in June.

The popular classic has previously only been imported into the UK via specialised retailers.

The chocolate maker launched three sizes of a British version of the much-loved Australian chocolate classic.

The tasty treat is made with a golden blend of caramelised white chocolate sourced from 100% sustainable cocoa.

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