Brits would give up salary, socialising and SEX to eat at hotel buffets on holiday again

THREE quarters of Brits will happily tuck into beans on toast for breakfast when they stay at a posh hotel.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults found a whopping 75 per cent fancy the basic grub when they’re away – even if they were relaxing in five-star digs.


Brits would give up their salary, socialising and even sex to have a hotel buffet againCredit: SWNS

But while they love the idea of beans on toast, when presented with a whole list of meals to have at a breakfast buffet it is bacon and eggs which are the most appetising, followed by sausages, toast and pastry dishes.

Three quarters (76 per cent) of holiday-starved Brits can’t wait to dig into a breakfast buffet when restrictions are fully eased.

Two thirds (62 per cent) of those surveyed by even get up early to beat the crowds and get the best morning selection.

In fact, Brits would give up sex for a month (15 per cent), their salary for a week (11 per cent) and socialising with friends (19 per cent) to be back eating a hotel buffet breakfast on holiday again.

The research was carried out by as Brits ramp up their travel plans and return to the iconic hotel breakfast buffet.

As the all-you-can-eat meals make their welcome return, the booking website has teamed up with reality star Sam Thompson to find the nation’s first ever ‘Chief Buffet Officer’, who will receive 10 hotel nights worth £5,000 to review buffet breakfasts when they return.

The individual will also be upgraded to Gold status on the Rewards program and get free breakfast and room upgrades at select hotels when they travel.

Sam Thompson said: “A good breakfast buffet is my favourite part of a hotel stay. There’s nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline at a hotel breakfast buffet and I’m so excited to be piling my plate high with pancakes once again.

“If you’re as much a fanatic about fancy pastry platters and free flowing coffee as me, now’s the chance to apply for the job of dreams as’s chief buffet officer.”

The research also revealed a good buffet brings out the inner competitive eater in all of us, with a third (34 per cent) getting up at least two or three times to refill our plates.

However, a third (36 per cent) of Brits surveyed via OnePoll feel like fellow hotel guests are judging them for breakfast buffet etiquette and judgement from others has prevented two thirds (60 per cent) from taking the food they really want.

Emma Tagg, Head of Global & EMEA Brand Communications at Brand, added: “Hotel breakfast buffets are back and we know the nation can’t wait to flock to the pancake stacks and conveyor belt toasters.

“Nothing says hotel life more than an endless supply of all your favourite breakfast delights and we’re thrilled to be hiring the first ever ‘Chief Buffet Officer’ to review hotel buffet breakfasts around the world and the lucky applicant will even be upgraded to Gold status on our Rewards program.”

Those who want to be in with a chance of being appointed Chief Buffet Officer must visit and share the three skills they bring to the table that make them perfect for the role. is looking for a Chief Buffet Officer

2 is looking for a Chief Buffet OfficerCredit: SWNS

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