Britt Finds Sonny, Will She Bring Him Back To Port Charles?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors reveal that more twists and turns would be coming up in Carly and Jason storyline. Viewers might remember that Britt was heartbroken when Jason told her that he had to get married to Carly. Although it looks like she has moved on, or at least is trying to move on, she might soon need a break.

With Jason and Carly’s wedding date coming closer, Britt might need to get away. So, she might leave Port Charles, and what if she ends up in Nixon Falls? What would happen then?

Britt Goes To Nixon Falls

Despite her claims that she is over Jason, General Hospital viewers are aware that Britt is hurt and is having a hard time. So, soon she will want a break. GH spoilers speculate that first, Britt will think about going to places like Hawaii, Venice Beach, or maybe somewhere else. But then Jax might suggest that she goes to Nixon Falls. Even if Jax did get hurt when he went to Nixon Falls, he would think that Nixon Falls is a nice town where Britt might get the peace she wants.

So, if Britt ends up in Nixon Falls, what are the odds that she ends up in the Tan-O? It is possible that one day Britt might just be sitting in a motel room in Nixon Falls as she searches for eating lunch at and ends up at Tan-O. Looking at the good reviews, she might decide to go there. And as soon as she reaches, she might come across Sonny, who is working as a bartender there.

General Hospital: What Would Britt Do Next?

Once Britt finds Sonny, she will undoubtedly be shocked. Seeing a man who is supposed to be dead isn’t something you come across every day, after all. So, Britt might come across Sonny, and she would ask him how he survived or why hadn’t he came back home? Then, she would come to know that Sonny has lost his memories.

At first, Britt might try to convince Sonny to go back home. But, if he doesn’t agree, she might do something devious. As suggested by Soap Opera Spy, Britt might drug Sonny and then take him back. But, then, it is also possible that when Britt tells Sonny everything about his past life, he might remember everything.

General Hospital

Regardless of what happens, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Britt might take Sonny to the chapel where Jason and Carly are all set to get married. She might then claim that Carly and Jason don’t have to get married because the only reason they were getting married was that Sonny wasn’t around. This will not only give Britt her man back but also bring Sonny back to Port Charles.

If Sonny reaches Port Charles, everyone might put the pieces of the puzzle together and understand that Nina knew this all along and decided to keep the truth hidden. How will everyone react? Nina better watches her back. General Hospital spoilers confirm that Sonny will be back sooner or later. If he comes back with Britt, it will all indeed be very dramatic. will keep you updated with all the news about the soap as they surface. So, stay tuned.


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