Brittany’s Response To Angry Cast Members, Explains The Reason Behind Her Absence From The Tell All

Brittany from 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All angered some of her fellow cast members by not showing up at the Tell All episode released in May. In a recent episode of 90 Day: Bares All, the reality star revealed a tense situation and explained why she wasn’t present at the Tell All. Let’s take a detailed look.

90 Day: The Single Life, Brittany Explaining Her Side For Turning Up Late

After Brittany and Yazan called it quits, she dated two guys named Justin and Terence. Coming back to the Tell All, host Shaun Robinson asked Brittany why she didn’t attend. After all, other cast members waited for hours for Brittany to show up. No one was sure whether she was going to attend. Well, Brittany did give a total of three reasons for keeping the others uncertain and waiting.

90 Day Fiance

First, she was worried that Yazan might be there. Second, she had some issues with her hairstylist. Apparently, according to Brittany, she didn’t know how to style Brittany’s hair properly. The third reason was that she got into a fight with Terence and was almost sure about how her appearance on the Tell All was going to end.

Terence asked Brittany to come back to his room to which she was clearly reluctant. According to Brittany, Terence wanted to be intimate with her. But when she refused to come back to his room, he hung up and got mad.

90 Day: The Single Life, Brittany Said Her Spirit Didn’t Want Her To Go to The Tell All

Even though the reality TV star traveled to Houston all the way from New York for filming, she decided not to attend the Tell All after the entire hair situation. Etonline reported that she felt overwhelmed and decided not to make an appearance around energies she doesn’t want to. Brittany felt everything going downhill and her spirit telling her that it wasn’t where she needed to be back then.

As for Brittany’s cast members, they were clearly team Terence. Moreover, Brittany making them wait around for her presence didn’t make things any better. Defending herself, she revealed that she didn’t lead Terence on, and in fact, it was the other way round. Brittany further explained that he kept on insisting on wanting a relationship. But when things started to get real, he turned his back on her.

Molly called her Diva and job about Brittany running off with some rich guy. Colt also made some snide comments about Brittany but she just couldn’t care less. However, she did apologize to Jess, Fernanda, and Shaun. Do you think what Brittany did was justified? Let us know in the comments below.


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