Brown Family Goes Bankrupt After Billy Brown’s Death?

Tragically, the Brown family patriarch Billy Brown passed away at the age of 68 due to a seizure. The unfortunate death of the Alaskan Bush People occurred in February 2021 and devastated the entire family. In plenty of episodes, fans of Alaskan Bush People saw the TV personality struggle with various health issues. Finally, the doctors made it clear that he shouldn’t reside at a higher altitude. But he insisted and didn’t budge from the Washington mountains.

In the new season, fans will see how the death of the father of 7 might make the family bankrupt. As you may recall, there is a huge lawsuit pending which could send his family on the brink of a major financial blow. Let̵ 7;s take a look at this in detail.

Will The Lawsuit Wipe The Alaskan Bush Family Out?

After Billy Brown’s death, his wife Ami has taken over her husband’s estate. Valued at over $410,000, she was the one who got approval for representing the estate. Also, Billy Brown passed away without any will. The primary asset of the Brown family is real estate along with some household items and livestock. Fans have seen a total of four pieces of the Brown family’s property on the show.

Alaskan Bush People

According to Soap Dirt, the family patriarch also owes a whopping amount of $30,000 for medical bills. A man named Robert Maughon also filed for inclusion as a creditor and a civil suit against the estate. Robert also claims that he gave Billy $20,000 and the patriarch was supposed to give him 10% of productions of royalties for a decade. According to the suit, he paid Billy another $10,000 two weeks later. That allegedly entitles him to a total of 10% of his lifetime earnings whether it is from movies, books, TV shows, and so on.

The newest season of Alaskan Bush People aired on Sunday, September 19. Dedicated to Billy Brown, the promo clip features Gabriel Brown calling 911. The new season will also show Ami and all of Billy’s 7 kids discussing his legacy. Bear is trying to fit into the role of a dad as his son was born. Matt would likely return to solitary once again as Bird has been considering moving back to Alaska. Stay tuned and keep watching discovery to know what finally happens to the Brown family after Billy’s death.

Do you think his passing away would kill the family’s finances? Will the Brown family go bankrupt? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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