Brown Family Going Through HUGE Financial Crisis? Selling Houses Amid Pandemic!

It seems like the times are tough for the Brown family. As of now, three out of the four Sister Wives of Kody Brown as hustling to earn money. On the other hand, Janelle’s rental house was sold off, while Christine’s Flagstaff house is on sale right now. Amid this, Kody and Robyn are nowhere to be seen. So, what is going on in the family? Are they going through a financial crisis despite getting TLC money? Here are all the answers you need to know.

Sister Wives: Is The Brown Family Going Through A Financial Crisis? Where Is There TLC Money?

It wasn’t easy for a lot of people to survive during the pandemic, and even the wealthy families suffered huge losses. Well, it seems like the popular Brown family also faced similar problems. This is because people think that the Browns seem to be struggling to make money. On top of that, Janelle had to leave her rental house and moved into a mobile home. As of today, she is still living in her RV placed on the family’s Coyote Pass property. Besides, she seems to have no plans for renting out another place for the coming months and is focused on building her own house on the land.

On the other hand, Kody’s second wife Christine has also put her house on sale amid the pandemic. As of now, it isn’t clear where she will live once she gets some buyers for the house. Aside from Janelle and Christine, there are rumors that Meri might’ve left her Flagstaff house. This is because she has been living in Utah to manage her late mother’s Heritage Inn for the last few months. Aside from the problems with their respective houses, the Sister Wives, except for Robyn, are all hustling to earn money.

Sister Wives

Meri has been a fashion consultant for the controversial multi-level marketing company LuLaRoe. Besides, Janelle sells Plexus on social media, which is another MLM. Christine, on the other hand, partners both her sister wives in their respective businesses. She also sells other products through her social media, which seems to be her only way of income. Fans feel that the TLC money might not be enough for their huge families’ survival. Besides, people are theorizing that Kody might not support the rest of the Sister Wives in the future because he only seems to care about Robyn.

Sister Wives: Brown Family Struggling Due To Bad Financial Decisions, Did They Lose All Their TLC Money?

It’s been over two years that the Browns bought their Coyote Pass Property but didn’t start building on it all this while. However, they did buy Christine’s house and Robyn’s $1M mansion while renting Janelle and Meri’s respective houses. A post on Reddit pointed out that most of the Sister Wives can’t even afford health insurance for their kids. Besides, moving to different cities multiple times and leaving Las Vegas, in general, is deemed as a bad financial decision for the family.

Sister Wives
Source: Reddit

Despite getting an ample amount of TLC money over the last decade, the family seems to be running out of finances. Hence, Redditors think that the Browns “never safely invested or stocked away any of their earnings. Well, we’ll have to wait to see what’s happening in the family once the new season comes out. Fortunately, TLC revealed that Season 16 of the popular reality show would soon be out on November 21, 2021. Are you excited to watch it? Let us know in the comments below.


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