Bruce Willis Is a Cop Yet Again in ‘Survive the Game’

Long before Survive the Game, Bruce was in more than a dozen other cop movies in which he played a police officer. Besides the Die Hard movies, Bruce was also a cop in films including Striking Distance (1993), Sin City (2005), Hostage (2005), 16 Blocks (2006), Cop Out (2010), Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Fire With Fire (2012), Vice (2015), First Kill (2017), and Acts of Violence (2018), just to name some.

That’s not to say Bruce can’t successfully take on other roles. He played Rachel’s boyfriend in a few episodes of Friends, after all. But being an on-screen cop is definitely his thing.

If you ask some fans, though, they might say Bruce has gotten a little bored of the same cop schtick in so many of his movies. Sure, he agrees to these roles. But in the comments section under the YouTube post for the Survive the Game trailer, users shared their similar opinions about Bruce’s acting in the trailer.

Many claimed he looks bored and as though his heart isn’t in delivering his lines. Even if that’s true, this is legit another cop movie to add to his running list.

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