Bruce Willis Trying To Set Up Demi Moore With John Travolta?

Is Bruce Willis pushing Demi Moore to start dating John Travolta? One tabloid claims Moore and Travolta may be acting on “old crushes” they once had on each other. Here’s what we know.

Demi Moore Crushing On ‘Lonely Widower’ John Travolta?

A recent edition of the National Enquirer reports Bruce Willis is trying to set up his ex-wife, Demi Moore, with his old pal John Travolta. According to the report, Willis is convinced the single stars are perfect for each other. And it may not be the most unlikely pairing since Moore and Travolta “have had crushes on each other that date back decades,” says a source. “John’s always said Demi is incredibly sexy and what a lucky guy Bruce was back in the day.”

The insider goes on about Travolta, explaining, “He wants to get back in the dating arena, and Demi is single and could use a companion.” Travolta tragically lost his wife, Kelly Preston, to breast cancer last year, and the tabloid insists he’s ready to move on. Moore, meanwhile, has yet to be connected to anyone since divorcing Ashton Kutcher in 2013. “She’s incredibly choosy about who she hooks up with, but John is known as a consummate gentleman. It’s hard to believe she’d turn him down.”

The insider muses, “Demi’s had a soft spot for John for years.” And it’s great timing because Willis and Travolta are reuniting once again after starring in Pulp Fiction together back in the ’90s. The old pals currently shooting the upcoming film Paradise City, and it’s no secret that Willis and Moore are extremely close. “Bruce would be happy to see John and Demi together! He adores them both,” says the source. “Besides John and Demi’s history, and having a ton of the same friends, these two have so much in common. It makes perfect sense for them to get together!”

Demi Moore, John Travolta ‘Go Great Together’?

While we don’t doubt that Bruce Willis wants the best for Demi Moore, there’s just no evidence that he’s setting her up with John Travolta. There’s nothing to suggest Willis and Moore have gotten involved in each other’s love lives since their divorce, so it just doesn’t make sense that Willis would suddenly want to play matchmaker. Besides, Moore hasn’t made it seem like she has any problem with being single, and we doubt she’d need much help if she did decide to get back into the dating game.

Furthermore, it’s not exactly nice to claim Travolta was “crushing” on Moore while he and Willis were filming Pulp Fiction since he was married to Kelly Preston at the time. Other than Travolta and Willis co-starring in a film over two decades ago, there’s nothing to connect Moore and the Grease star. But, hey, anything’s possible. That being said, if a romance ever really does brew between Moore and Travolta, this disreputable tabloid won’t be the first to report on it.

The Tabloid On John Travolta And Demi Moore

It’s hard to trust the National Enquirer on Travolta and Moore since it’s never been right about their lives in the past. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed Moore was causing problems in Willis’ marriage. Then the outlet alleged Olivia Newton-John was setting John Travolta up on dates. And more recently, the publication reported Moore “doesn’t even look like herself” after a series of cosmetic procedures. Obviously, the magazine isn’t trustworthy when it comes to the stars.


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