Brutal gym exchange between model, 19, and man in his 40s goes viral on TikTok

A social media influencer has called for men to “LEAVE WOMEN ALONE” after she had a jaw-dropping exchange with an older man at the gym.

Avrey Ovard, 19, was working out in a fitness studio on Sunday when the stranger, apparently in his 40s, came over and started chatting to her.

After a number of attempts to make small talk with the teenager he then asked for her number. She replied that she was “too young” for him.

He then retorted that he was “too rich” for her.

In a video of their encounter, posted to TikTok, Ovard can be seen stretching on a mat when the man – whose face has been cut out of the frame – approaches and asks whether she’s filming a video.

After she confirms that she is, he leaves for five minutes before returning to ask her name. He then tells her (unprompted) that he needs to undergo physical therapy for a leg injury.

“When I’m able to get out [of physical therapy] you might not be here,” he says. “I wanted to get your number for dinner.”

Ovard responds: “Oh I’m sorry. I’m too young for you.”

He then hits back: “Oh yeah? Well, I’m too rich,” then storms off.

The clip racked up more than 1.5 million views and 255,800 likes in just two days as fellow TikTokers shared their horror at the stranger’s response.

“The way he gets immediately defensive when you were perfectly reasonable lol… OK fully-grown man child,” one wrote.

“Why can men not handle rejection?” asked another.

“We gotta start saying ‘I’m too young’ more often. Maybe it’ll shame them,” added a third.

While a fourth pointed out that the Ovard – who has more than 950,000 subscribers on YouTube – is “likely richer than him” anyway.

Ovard was visibly shocked by the exchange


In a separate video, the 19-year-old explained how she felt following her fallout with the man.

Go to 03 mins 05 secs here to watch:

“You can just see it on my face that I just could not believe that that happened,” she says in the clip.

“I have never been hit on at the gym before – and I see a lot of TikToks about women being hit on at the gym, and I’m always like, ‘oh, I’m really lucky that’s never happened to me’.

“Then literally the day that I was going to talk about all of this stuff in a video that happens to me.”

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