Brutal note left on woman’s car goes viral | photo

A harsh note left on the back of a woman’s car is doing the rounds on social media with some finding it hilarious.

A woman was left stunned after claiming a brutal parking note was left on her car.

A photo of the note was shared on Reddit and Instagram and people are finding it hilarious.

The note was placed on the rear of the car which had a bumper sticker that said “Jesus disciple”.

However, the angry person clearly found the parking less than godly, as they wrote a note that said: “I’m pretty sure that Jesus wouldn’t have parked like a bellend”.

The image was shared with the caption: “I shouldn’t laugh, but I’m going to …”

Although the note could be a joke, many people were left amused and didn’t hold back with their comments.

One wrote: “Jesus would be very bad at parking, never having seen a car before.”

Another added: “Jesus take the wheel, I can’t parallel park.”

A third commented: “General rule of thumb: if you see that Jesus fish, they can’t drive.”

Last month, an Aussie woman from regional Victoria was shocked to discover a “disgusting” note she found on her car while shopping at Aldi.

Taking to Facebook, the Traralgon resident explained the person who wrote the note must have thought she was flouting lockdown rules based on the dealership stickers on her car.

At the time, those living in country Victoria no longer had strict stay-at-home restrictions, after the rules were lifted.

But as Melbourne still faced lockdown the person who left the rude note presumably believed the Traralagon mum was from the city

“Beside my number plate it has the name of the dealership my car was purchased from, in Melbourne,” she wrote in the post alongside a photo of the note.

“I’m assuming that’s why this lovely note was left on my windscreen this evening in the Aldi car park.

“I cannot believe the insanity and the nastiness right now.”

Many flooded her post, describing the person behind the note as “disgusting”.

It comes after a heavily pregnant woman was left distraught when a “vicious and horrible note” was left on her parked car.

The note read: “I hit the back of your car because it was so badly parked.

“I’m only leaving this note because people are watching and they think I’m leaving my name and address.”


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