Bryce Hall admits he’s “happy” for Addison Rae and new boyfriend Omer Fedi

After his highly publicized break-up with TikTok star Addison Rae, Bryce Hall admitted he’s “happy” she’s moved on and found a new partner, Omer Fedi, a guitarist and songwriter from Israel.

Once described as the sweetheart couple of the internet, Bryce and Addison’s rocky relationship finally came to an end in March 2021. Initially, there was a bit of bad blood between them, and it got to the point where Addison allegedly blocked Bryce on social media.

It seems like that bitterness has faded since then, although they still have their differences about what went down and throw each other shade from time to time. But for the most part, they’ve both moved on and let bygones be bygones.

Bryce was rumored to be dating Riley Hubatka, until he kissed Josie Canseco. Meanwhile, Addison was spotted dating Omer Fedi, and it looks like they’ve become an item. Many people assume they’re together, including Bryce, who admitted he’s “happy” for Addison.

YouTube: Addison Rae

“Braddison” was one of the most popular pairings across TikTok for some time.

“I would assume [they are together]. Maybe not, though. Maybe they’re just talking and feeling it out,” he said. After all, nothing has been made official yet. They’ve only been spotted hanging out and kissing in public.

“[But if it is true], I’m happy for her. She found somebody else and moved on. Good job,” he added, admitting he’s being sincere.

He also claimed it’s difficult when a relationship between two high-profile people comes to an end because “you’re always going to be reminded of your ex.” Still, that doesn’t change the fact he wishes her and her new partner all the best.

And why wouldn’t he feel that way? After all, they’re both doing well on their own paths, and there’s no looking back.

Bryce is looking forward to a potential fight against KSI’s brother, Deji, and Addison is on the verge of taking her stardom to new heights after starring in ‘He’s All That.’ So, it seems, both former TikToker lovebirds are in a good place again.

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