Bryce Hall reveals he’s joining Hype House: “The tables have turned”

Despite being the former unofficial leader of Sway House, Bryce Hall revealed he’s joining their long-running rivals, Hype House, in a surprise announcement on YouTube, claiming “the tables have turned.”

Bryce shocked fans after announcing his departure from Sway House, leaving them to crumble in the process. And it seems like he’s cut ties with former members, too, claiming he has “no friends” now that he’s left.

But in an interesting turn of events, it seems like he’s found new friends and roommates in the last place anyone would have thought – Hype House. Bryce had beef with them in the past, although they buried the hatchet.

And on August 19, Bryce Hall revealed he’s their newest member.

YouTube: Thomas Petrou

Bryce Hall and Thomas Petrou are the new friendship duo nobody expected.

“So, as you guys know, I just recently moved out of the Sway House. I guess you could say I ended it. Sad times,” said Bryce. “But I did get a new place. I’m about to check it out now. It’s actually f**king sick. I can’t wait for you guys to see it.”

Most fans assumed he was getting his own place. However, it turns out he was referring to Hype House. The moment he pulled up into the driveway and was welcomed by Thomas Petrou, the group’s founder, reality set in.

“My worst nightmare is coming to life. This is the new crib. I actually started Sway House as the leader, and now I’m joining Hype House under Thomas. The tables have f**king turned. He’s just stealing Sway,” laughed Bryce.

It’s bittersweet news for fans who will need some time to get used to seeing Bryce in Hype House.

However, it’s a bold move from the man himself and one that will give him plenty of new opportunities to make exciting new content moving forward.

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