BTS Jin, Suzy, and More: Taiwanese Media Outlet Names the K-Pop Stars Who Splurged on Gifts for Their Families

Taiwanese media outlet PopDaily highlighted the K-pop idols who have splurged big time on gifts for their families. Keep on reading to see who they are.

BTS Jin, BIGBANG G-Dragon, and More: These are the Male K-Pop Idols Who Splurged on Gifts for Their Families

One of the biggest K-pop idols mentioned on this list is BTS member Jin! BTS has established themselves as global superstars, so it is not surprising that the boys have a certain degree of independence and quite a lot of money.

(Photo : BTS Twitter)

For Korean Parents’ Day in 2020, Jin gave his mom and dad a $3.4 million apartment. The apartment is located in Hannam the Hill, one of Seoul’s most expensive apartment buildings, South Korea. Jin also gave all of his shares from the property to his parents. Jin is definitely a dutiful son!

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Another male star mentioned is Super Junior member Kyuhyun. The male idol once spent $7.3 million to buy gifts for his family. Want to know what he bought?


(Photo : Kyuhyun Instagram)

The singer bought his family an eight-story building in Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s prime areas. The building is now being used as a homestay and coffee shop. The complex, which has been called the MOM House (Music of Mountain House), is being run by Kyujyun and his family. People can come in and stay for the night or relax in the cafe; for ELFs, there is a photo area featuring merchandise of Kyuhyun.

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Another Super Junior member mentioned is Eunhyuk. The male idol reportedly spent seven years saving before he decided to splurge on his family. Eunhyuk bought his family a home in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul. Many were touched by his gift, as the idol grew up in poverty and lived in a house without a toilet when he was a child. Now, he is able to provide his family with the home they deserve!

Super Junior

(Photo : Super Junior Instagram)

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The final male idol mentioned is G-Dragon! His gift was not for his parents but for his brother-in-law. In 2020, G-Dragon’s sister got married, and his family welcomed a new member — his brother-in-law, Kim Min Jun! On his brother-in-law’s birthday, G-Dragon sent him an electric bicycle which was hand-decorated by his brand PEACEMINUESONE.


(Photo : Kim Min Jun Instagram)

His name, “MIN JUN KIM,” is also seen on the rear of the bike. G-Dragon reportedly wrote it himself.

Suzy Applauded as a Female Idol Who Splurged on Gifts for Her Family

The only female idol mentioned is “The Nation’s First Love” Suzy! The idol-actress once spent 3.7 million dollars to buy her parents a home. She also saved money to buy her parents a luxury car. Additionally, Suzy bought her parents a coffee shop, helping her mother fulfill her dream of owning a cafe.


(Photo : Suzy Instagram)

What kind of gifts have you given your parents? Tell us in the comments below!

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