Busch Beer Is Playing With Our Emotions, Teases Cowboy Boot Crocs

Alright, hear me out.

Crocs are one of those fashion items that used to get shit on so hard you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing ’em. I know relationships that almost ended over the guy’s refusal to stop wearing them, citing their ultra comfort and functionality.


Back in the day, you were looked at like a leper if you wore them in public. Times have changed. While most things have gone to hell these days, Crocs are holding strong and building an allegiance few brands can compete with.

They’re…hip? Guys like Luke Combs have custom designs which are being sold on the black market essentially.

My first pair is actually thanks to Luke Combs and his team. At first, I thought meh. Now, I live in these. I practically shower in them. I fish in them. I day drink in them. I do everything in them. They are undoubtedly the most comfortable shoe/things you can wear on your feet (HELLO WHY DO YOU THINK DOCTORS AND NURSES ROCK THESE).

Now, enter Busch Beer, who’s always good for a solid tease.

They just shared this photo of some Cowboy Boot Crocs, and I gotta say, I’d gladly wear these to dinner just to horrify my wife.

The tweet has popped off, with thousands of likes and fans clamoring that this isn’t a want, but a need.

“Tell us this isn’t genius.”

“…@Crocs if only…”

Tell me you wouldn’t rock those at a 3-day country festival? PSH.

Still not a believer in Crocs?

Tyler Childers once reminded his fans to wear them as one concertgoer was struck by lightning and walked away.

Wear your Crocs, people. Make this happen, Busch.

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