‘Butt Crack’ Leggings Are Most Daring 2021 Trend So Far

The fashion world trends are constantly changing with trends where the industry often seems to be over-doing it.

Sometimes you just have to turn a blind eye some ridiculous fashion trends. ‘Buttcrack’ leggings seem to be all the rage at the moment.

Scroll down to check out the ‘buttcrack’ leggings along with other bizarre fashion trends.

1. Crop-tops for men.

These tops should not be a thing no male wants to be a part of the crop-top movement.

2. Denim knee-high boots… with pockets.

Boots with pockets…I’ve seen it all now

3. Distressed Mesh.

This outfit distresses me…

4. Transparent shoes.

I’m actually loving these shoes.

5. Crocs with socks.

Croc socks should not have happened.

6. Platform crocs.

Comfort and height in one.

7. Mixed animal prints.

This kind of dress is not for everybody, so buy with caution.

8. Lambskin shoes.

Be careful not to soil these.

9. Fluffy eyebrows.

Fluffy eyebrows are the latest trend.

10. Socks with sandals.

Socks and sandals….are just a big no for me.

Car mat skirts….don’t care if they are high end designer you won’t catch me in one of these.

11. Double jeans.


13. Sweater Sleeves.

Where’s the rest of this jacket?

14. Unicorn sneakers.

Would any of you buy a pair of these?

15. Twenty-Four Carat Meggings.

Metallic meggings have made a comeback!

16. Flower-Vase Hair.

Doubt I’ll be walking around with flowers on my head any time soon.

17. Glitter Bucket Hats.

Bucket hats continue to make a comeback.

18. Neon cycle shorts.

Are you going cycling or going out?

19. Transparent Handbags.

Transparent shoes…..just mind what you put inside.

20. See-through lace shorts.

Please tell me lace shorts for men are not actually a thing……

21. Detachable Joggers by Fenty.

Not sure whats kind of deign we are aiming for here?

22. Shoulderless Jacket.

Not the best fashion choice for keeping you warm in the winter.

23. Muddy Jeans.

Mud jeans are a thing.

24. Muddy Jacket.

If you want to look like you feel into a pool of mud you can buy one of these.

25. Ugg Sandals.

UGG sandals…maybe they should have called them UGGLY sandals.

26. Tutu Jeans.

If in doubt why not wear both?

27. Hairy one-piece swimsuit.

Imagine if everyone wore a swimsuit like this.

28. Neon Mesh Catsuit.

Neon green should only be for Hi-Vis clothing.

29. Marijuana Suit.

Seriously who would want to walk around looking like a marijuana enthusiast?

30. Camel-toe shoes.

These ridiculous shoes are ugly and look terribly uncomfortable.

But the latest weird fashion trend to go viral is “Buttcrack” leggings.

These are special leggings where the seam is designed to help enhance your ‘assets’ and it appears to work.

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