‘Butter’ Composer Jenna Andrews Reveals Which Vocal Abilities She Likes among BTS Members

Jenna Andrews, who is BTS’s vocal producer, shared whose voice among BTS members stands out to her during her appearance on “MU:CON 2021.”

On Oct. 1, Day 2 of the 2021 Seoul International Music Fair, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, was held. This event was organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency.

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“MU:CON” is the biggest international music industry trade show in South Korea. This year, it is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a three-day event.

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The online event features showcases, business forums, conferences, and special performances by prominent K-pop idols, including EVERGLOW, PENTAGON, Wonho, Younha, WOODZ, and more.

Butter Composer Jenna Andrews Says She Likes BTS Jungkook’s Voice – Here’s Why

During the talk, Jenna Andrews talked about BTS’s “Butter,” which was released in May of this year.

She shared that working on “Butter” is interesting since she vocal produced BTS’s “Dynamite alone, but on the former song, she co-produced it with Stephen Kirk who is a co-writer on “Butter” and produced “Permission to Dance.”

BTS Butter

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Jenna Andrews was then asked, “Do you think that those early moments of you as a vocal producer kind of started the trust with Big Hit Music?”

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The “Butter” composer replied, “Yeah 100 percent.” She explained that she started becoming close to them after Benny’s “Super Lonely” came out, and Big Hit Music reached out to her and asked her to work with them on TXT.

Jenna Andrews

(Photo : Instagram: @thejennaandrews)

“We just developed a good relationship and then obviously trusted me to do the ‘Dynamite’ vocal production. We all felt really good about it, so then when it came down to ‘Butter’ and then obviously ‘Permission to Dance,’ I feel like now we have such a good relationship and trust,” Jenna Andrews explained.

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The host then asked BTS’s vocal producer if there are any particular tones or styles in either BTS or TXT or any of the members that make her say “Oh I love when he does that.”

BTS Jungkook Butter

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Jenna Andrews revealed that he likes BTS Jungkook’s voice. “His voice and his vibrato are so dope and so like to me I love using that. I love vibratos,” she continued.

The “Butter” composer went on to explain that she considers a vibrato as a part where people can identify a singer.

Watch the full interview of Jessa Andrews at MU:CON 2021 here!

About BTS Butter and Some of Its Achievements

Released on May 21, BTS dropped their second full English single, “Butter,” alongside its music video.

The people behind BTS’s “Butter” are Stephen Kirk, Rob Grimaldi, Ron Perry, Jenna Andrews, BTS member RM, Alex Bilowitz, and Sebastian Garcia.

“Butter” set and broke countless records in the K-pop industry, on Billboard, and even in the world.

BTS Butter

(Photo : BTS Twitter)

In particular, BTS’s “Butter” broke a total of five Guinness World Records in terms of its views on YouTube and streams on Spotify.

“Butter” holds the YouTube records for “Most viewers for the premiere of a video n YouTube,” “Most viewers for the premiere of a music video on YouTube,” “Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours,” and “Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group.”

BTS’s “Butter” is also the most-streamed track on Spotify in the first 24 hours since its release.

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