Cadbury launching new Wispa Gold Hazelnut flavour – and fans get chance to ‘invest’

Cadbury has announced the release of a brand-new twist on its incredibly popular Wispa – the new limited edition Wispa Gold Hazelnut Flavour.

And chocolate fans will have the chance to ‘invest’ in ‘A New Type of Gold’.

Ahead of the official release on Monday 6th September, hopeful ‘shareholders’* will get the chance to buy a single #WispaGoldHF ‘share’*, watch the value fluctuate and then get paid out in delicious Wispa Gold Hazelnut Flavour bars which they can share with their friends and family.

The final ‘share’* value will equal the number of bars customers will back.

Cadbury will host a series of limited ‘share’* drops on its Twitter page (@CadburyUK) from Wednesday August 25th where fans can purchase their chocolate ‘share’*.

Lucky ‘shareholders’* will then be able to monitor the fluctuating ‘share’* price as part of Cadbury’s Wispa News daily updates.

Among the eager investors waiting to get their hands on a ‘share’* of Cadbury’s new chocolate bar is London mayor candidate turned financial expert, Niko Omilana, who has over 3.8 million YouTube subscribers.

Niko is leading the charge as an expert Choc Broker, following the rise and fall of this new low-risk, high-reward hazelnut flavour investment.

Niko Omilana launches Wispa Gold Hazelnut Flavour
‘Shareholders’ will get the chance to buy a single #WispaGoldHF
(Image: Matt Crossick/PA Wire)

Joshua Collier, Junior Brand Manager at Cadbury, said: “We’ve branded our Wispa Gold Hazelnut Flavour bar ‘A New Type of Gold’ due to its rarity and delicious hazelnut-flavoured caramel filling.

“Just like real gold, we’ve decided to turn our bars into a new (and fun) commodity, giving our fans the chance to receive a very tasty pay-out of limited-edition chocolate bars to share with their friends and family.

“This bar has been 18 months in the making and we hope Wispa lovers will enjoy engaging in its entertaining launch.”

Each #WispaGoldHF ‘share’* will cost 69p. Hopeful ‘shareholders’* will need to have an active Twitter account, live in the UK, accept the Cadbury’s terms and conditions, and have a valid email address to complete the transaction.

Full instructions on how to buy a #WispaGoldHF ‘share’* will be announced on Cadbury’s Twitter (@CadburyUK) on Wednesday August 25th 2021 at 12pm.

Wispa Gold Hazelnut Flavour will be available to buy from and all major supermarkets from Monday 6th September 2021, with a RRP of 69p**. The bars are limited-edition so put the date in the diary as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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