Cafe scraps ‘Silver Surfers’ deal after abuse from ‘rude’ elderly customers

A cafe has revealed it’s scrapped its ‘Silver Surfers’ deal for elderly customers after suffering a barrage of abuse from OAPs.

Hive Beach Café in Dorset ran a special deal for elderly customers on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout October.

This saw them get a three-course meal of soup, a main and a dessert for just £15.

However the promotion was so popular that the café was flooded with customers, resulting in a long wait for tables.

And not everyone was happy to wait patiently – with the cafe saying some got so angry that they hit out at staff.

According to staff, they received shouting and swearing from customers, which even caused one server to break down in tears.

One staff member was left in tears over the abuse

On Thursday (14 October), the cafe posted on Facebook explaining the Silver Surfers promotion has been pulled ‘due to impatient and verbally abusive behaviour towards our crew’.

Server Lou Fell said: “We try to explain to people that we have fewer staff than usual because the pandemic has meant people are wary of getting a hospitality job in case we get closed down.

“But they just don’t care.

“They want their food and they want it right now – they’re not willing to wait.

“Our elderly customers have been especially rude.

“They just tell us we’re not good enough, that the system clearly isn’t working, and that we need to hurry up.

“There have been times when I’ve gone home in tears because the abuse is constant and I know we are going to have to do it all again the next day.

“Every single shift one of our team members is shouted at by customers waiting in line.

“One lady who must have been in her 60s shouted at me, ‘Oh for f****’s sake’, when I asked people not to congregate near the front door.

“Another time, a new member of the team was on her first shift. She was only 18. She walked over to a line of people and explained that we were working as fast as we could to get them seated.

“She came back visibly shaking because three women in their 60s and 70s screamed at her – by the end of the day she was in tears.

“It’s not fair – we’re a very close team doing the best we can for our customers.”

Hive Beach Cafe has since put a notice up for customers warning them to behave and staff wear badges urging customers to ‘respect’ them.

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