Caila Quinn Reveals Intriguing Secrets About ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Caila Quinn competed for Ben Higgins heart on The Bachelor in 2016. That same year she went on Bachelor in Paradise. She won over Jared Haibon before Ashley Iaconneti came to cry all over him.

Now, of course, Ashley and Jared are happily married. Caila is married as well, to Nick Burrello, who she found off of reality television. Caila has revealed some secrets of the franchise before. She talked about how she almost got the lead for The Bachelorette. As the runner-up for Ben’s season along with JoJo Fletcher, Caila had a good shot at the lead. She even tried on gowns and met with producers. But in the end, JoJo became the lead and is engaged to winner Jordan Rodgers. Caila said she believes in fate, and everything happened the way it should have.

What Secrets Did Caila Quinn Spill?

Talking to US Weekly on the podcast Here for the Right Reasons Caila Quinn was happy to spill some more tea to Bachelor nation. She said there weren’t any limits on alcohol either on The Bachelor and when she went to the beach on BIP.

She shared she wished she’d drink more alcohol. “I feel like it would have helped me loosen up. I was, like, really dense, but I can only drink one glass maximum every couple hours,” she said.

Caila also revealed the roses aren’t in short supply on set. She said when you get a group date rose and think you have to keep it fresh, that’s not always the case.

There is a bucket of roses that are freshly cut they’ll trade out if their rose is wilted. Caila said, “There’s a black bucket of at least 20 roses that are perfect without any thorns waiting at your beck and call.”


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The Producers Are The Best Hype Crew

Caila Quinn said she didn’t get cues when it was time to kiss someone like other contestants have said. Instead, she shared, they would hype you up before going to see someone. She said, “they’re like, ‘What are you going to do when you see him? Are you going to run into his arms? What are you gonna do?’” She said then despite no one ever naturally doing so, she’d get excited to run into his arms.

Caila went on to say it is the job of the producer to bring things like that out. Where you might not normally leap on someone, “they do kind of plant that seed.” That’s why so many girls run, jump, and wrap their legs around the men.

What do you think of Caila’s confessions, anything surprise you? What are you looking forward to on tonight’s BIP? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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