Cam Newton Explains ‘Loyalty’ Instagram Post


Cam Newton

There was a lot made of Cam Newton’s Instagram post about loyalty. Most figured it had something to do with football, or his spot on the New England Patriots‘ depth chart.

As it turns out, according to Newton, who was asked about the post on Monday after a joint practice with the Philadelphia Eagles, the post “had zero to do with football.”

Cam Newton: “The Post Had Nothing to Do With Football”

NBC Sports’ Tom E. Curran is a straight shooter in interview sessions. He asked Newton the question many in the Patriots media had already covered last week, and had to some degree negatively opined about in speculative commentary.

Curran asked Newton what he meant by the Instagram post:

“Man, listen. Noooo,” Newton said. Curran responded, “You knew we were going to do this.” Newton said, “I really didn’t. Having a close talk with people, that’s the type of vibe that I’ve been on. As a father, as a friend, it’s deeper than football in most cases with my Instagram, as you know. I use my social platform to really become a human. I don’t really talk about football things. I try to post minimal football things, because at the end of the day, I’m a human being. That statement wasn’t for football. It was more so as a human. I’m a person who is away from my kids a lot, away from my family a lot, away from my friends a lot, and away from the people who know me most, a lot. And, I’m not perfect by that. That’s what I was kinda meaning by that. For someone to take that interpretation as far as, I don’t know how, but to relate it to football, it had zero things to do with football. Having a relationship with your kids via Facetime, that’s kind of like the worst thing, but you know, it’s my heart, it is intentional, and I want loyalty more so because of my imperfections as a person, as a man.”

Here is a look at the entire video:

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Cam Newton and Mac Jones Struggle Against the Philadelphia Eagles

While Newton brought some clarity to his Instagram post, for some, the QB picture for the Patriots is still muddled.

Newton was asked if head coach Bill Belichick told him he was the starter. The 2015 NFL MVP said he had not, but that doesn’t seem surprising considering Belichick has stated publicly Newton is his starter twice already.

That said, Newton struggled against the Eagles’ starting defense on Monday. He put together a solid drive during two-minute drills, but it was capped off by an interception in the end zone.

Rookie Mac Jones also had his struggles, though some believe he may have had a better showing than Newton. Although, Jones’ reps continued to be against the second unit.

We’ll know for sure that Jones is making a move on Newton in the preseason when and if Belichick allows him to take some reps against a first unit defense.

Until then, Newton is still entrenched as the starter.


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