Cam Newton Irritated by Reporters’ ‘Silly Questions’


The New England Patriots‘ Cam Newton wasn’t amused by some of the questions he was asked during his meeting with the media on Monday.

After a rough joint practice with the Philadelphia Eagles in the City of Brotherly Love, Newton was peppered with questions about his recent Instagram post, which he clarified, and more.

One question in particular seemed to irritate him. It was inevitable, but one reporter asked Newton if head coach Bill Belichick had informed he would be the starter in Week 1.

Before Newton spoke, his facial expression gave full vent to his feeling about the question. Catch it at the 5:27 mark of the video below.

Cam Newton Talks Year 11 in the NFL | Press Conference (New England Patriots)Watch Patriots quarterback Cam Newton’s press conference live today at approx. 12pm ET. Subscribe to the New England Patriots YouTube channel: For More Patriots NFL Action: #NewEnglandPatriots #Patriots #NFL For more Patriots content: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on TikTok:…2021-08-16T16Cam Newton: “You’re Up Here Asking Silly Questions”

It would be a shock if Belichick shared that information with Newton, and that seems pretty obvious. Still, one reporter asked Newton if the notoriously tight-lipped coach told his quarterback he was his starter.

After the aforementioned pause, Newton said: “You know the answer to that question.”

NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran jumped in: “I don’t, has he said you are or does he just say we’re taking it “day to day.” I mean honestly he said it back then, but he’s kind of had a dot-dot-dot.”

Newton clearly wasn’t enthused with this line of questions. He continued: “I mean y’all sitting up here asking silly questions to me, and I’m looking at y’all with the same thing, so I don’t know what y’all want me to say. No, you know that he hasn’t said that, so for you to just ask the question, you know what it is. So every single day, I’m coming out here with the anticipation to get better and, that’s the only thing that I can do; So I can control that; but as far as somebody else’s analogy or interpretation of what Week 1 is, I’m trying to focus on what tomorrow brings and even the adjustments for tonight’s

Again, Curran interjected: “So, in our defense, he [Belichick] has said a couple times ‘Cam’s our starter,’ yeah so, and then he talks about establishing levels, so that’s why we’re trying to figure it.”

Newton has rarely shown any bit of irritation while dealing with the media since he arrived in New England. This moment was an aberration, and not an overly emotional situation.

Still, Newton quickly gathered himself and added more clarification:

No, I don’t take it personally. I just want you guys to understand, like everything y’all know, I know. There’s no hidden motives or things like that, I do know those things like that, I can’t worry about because each and every day I don’t necessarily care about who’s starting. I mostly care about making sure that I put the best product out there for me. I know Mac [Jones] is feeling the same way; I know Brian [Hoyer] is feeling the same way, and everybody else going down each and every position so you know as far as week one, we got so much to worry about prior to Week one and that’s what my focus is right now. That mindset of just controlling what’s in your control, it just comes with the territory.

At some point, perhaps, Newton won’t need to continue to answer these questions because the regular season will be underway, and it will be clear who the starter is in Week 1.

When You’ll Know Bill Belichick is Strongly Considering Going to Mac Jones

Don’t take this as the gospel, but one way to know that Belichick is considering elevating Jones over Newton is when the rookie begins to take as many or more preseason snaps against opposing team’s first units.

If Jones’ playing time starts to bleed into the snaps that would normally be reserved for the starter, it’ll be a clear indication something may be amiss.

Until then, there’s more talk than there is substance

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