Camila Cabello ‘Hysterical’ After Shawn Mendes Tried To Break Up With Her In Public, Insider Says?

Did Shawn Mendes tell Camila Cabello that he wants an open relationship? One tabloid claims the “Señorita” duo is headed for a split. Here’s what we know.

Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Have ‘Emotional Lunch’?

This week’s edition of In Touch reports Shawn Mendes is ready to end his two-year relationship with Camila Cabello. Someone spotted the couple having a heated conversation in an NYC restaurant the day before the Met Gala. “Camila was hysterical, and Shawn seemed to be trying to comfort her,” an eyewitness dishes. “It felt like he was breaking up with her.”

The magazine then notes that Mendes and Cabello have had a “rocky relationship.” According to the tabloid’s inside source, the couple “decided to take a break” last year during lockdown. “They were with each other 24/7, so something was bound to give. But it didn’t last long — they were back together in no time.” The insider suggests Mendes is asking Cabello for another “breather,” adding, “He loves Camila, but they’re both so young. Who can blame him if he wants to not be exclusive?”

Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello Go On A Break?

Aside from a single unnamed “eyewitness” claiming Cabello was upset, there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest the couple is splitting up. Cabello and Mendes attended the Met Gala together, so we doubt they called it quits just the day before. Mendes even posted a photo from the event captioned “Met gala with mi reina,” the Spanish term for “my queen.” And more recently, they drove fans crazy by sharing a passionate kiss on stage at the Global Citizen Live Concert.

According to all available evidence, Mendes and Cabello are still going strong. Besides, if Cabello and Mendes really did have a very emotional public breakup, it would be much bigger news. But unsurprisingly, no reputable outlet has followed up on the story. Obviously, this report was just a poor attempt to stir up drama in the couple’s relationship.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Breakups

This isn’t the first time In Touch has predicted a steady Hollywood couple was calling it quits. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were headed for a $500 million divorce. Then the magazine reported Reese Witherspoon was divorcing her husband. And more recently, the outlet claimed John Legend was leaving Chrissy Teigen over her bullying scandal. Obviously, the outlet has no insight into celebrity relationships.


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