Campers watch back creepy footage and realise they were ‘not alone’

A pair of campers were scared stiff when they recorded a video of themselves relaxing at their campfire only to find something weird when they looked at the footage.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by the user @carterbooth the camper is filming the flames while their mate breaks up more wood.

As they pan around, the silhouette of a strange figure is suddenly visible against the night sky as they appear to perch on top of a rock overlooking the camp.

The video has been watched more than 4 million times since the TikToker uploaded it four days ago on August 15.

“Never been so disturbed,” he wrote in the caption and many viewers were in agreement.

The creepy footage weirded out a lot of viewers
(Image: TikTok / @carterbooth)

One person said: “It’s the friend they didn’t invite.”

“Hold on let me get my feet under my blanket first,” joked a second.

“It’s Michael Myers you’re going to die,” said someone else.

A fourth user quipped: “It’s everything, they’re scared of everything.”

Some people were far more skeptical with one user commenting: “Who randomly aims the camera like that?”

The TikToker caught a strange figure in the shot
The TikTok user caught a strange figure in the video
(Image: TikTok / @carterbooth)

Whatever the truth is, most people were relieved the campers were not harmed and lived to tell the spooky tale.

This comes after another TikToker claimed to have found a “killer clown” hidden on Google Earth.

When they zoomed in on the coordinates, which took them to the state of New York in the US, they found a figure lurking under a bridge that they reckoned looked like Pennywise from the IT horror films.

The mysterious “face” was very white like clown makeup and had dark smudged eyes and a disturbing grin, which others people argued was more like comic book villain The Joker.

Meanwhile, someone else said they found their neighbour “peeping” through their window on a stepladder and it freaked out the internet.

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