Can Rabbits swim? Watch this rare footage and be amuse

Rabbits are one of the cutest animals, and they are just delightful to watch. However, they are not fond of–water. Also, people believe that rabbits hate water because they are afraid of water and are rarely seen swimming.

However, a rare video caught was posted on social media to see a rabbit swim. Yes, a clip video shows a cute small rabbit swimming and enjoying the water.

The video has surprised netizens. This video was shared on Twitter by Buitengebieden, with the caption,” Rabbits can swim fast.”

After being shared online, the video went crazy viral and garnered over 372 k views and 2.7k retweets. Social media users also expressed their opinion in the comments section. For example, a user wrote, “Well, I always knew rabbits had powerful back legs, so guess this is why.

Wow though. What a fast swimmer!” Another commented. “Most animals are natural swimmers no matter if they like it or not. The exceptions are Apes & Humans. They have to be taught.” Watch the video.

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