Candace Cameron Bure Hallmark Christmas Movie Has Fuller House Alum

What would Hallmark’s Countdown To Christmas 2021 be without a new Candace Cameron Bure movie? She recently revealed she is making one this year, and we dug up some more information on The Christmas Contest.

Candace Cameron Bure Is Preparing To Film New Hallmark Christmas Movie

Earlier this week, Candace Cameron Bure went to Instagram to discuss Skiptember, to promote a charity. Fans asked her about the program, but one went off subject. They asked, “Candace, I have to ask because you haven’t mentioned anything about it, but are you making any new ‘Hallmark Christmas movies’ this year?? I hope🧑‍🎄”

Candace simply replied, “Yes! I will be making a new one this year.” However, she did not share any information.

Thankfully, we have some reliable sources. According to Ho! Ho! Holiday Viewing!, CCB is filming The Christmas Contest. In late August, she tweeted “Can confirm The Christmas Contest is definitely a marquee project for Hallmark, as it’s Candace Cameron Bure’s latest.”

While the title, The Christmas Contest, is full of possible storylines, Hallmark has not revealed the plot. However, Joie Botkin wrote this, and it should be wonderful. She is behind some fan favorites, including Miss Christmas, Project Christmas Wish, Her Pen Pal, and Love In Store. Botkin is known for her snappy dialogue. This should be fun!

One Of CCB’s Co-Stars Is Fuller House Alum

According to IMDb, Fuller House’s own Dr. Matt Harmon, John Brotherton (One Life To Live), as well as Barbara Niven (Chesapeake Shores), will be co-starring with Candace Cameron Bure. While CCB’s name is not in the listing, we are counting on this holiday movie expert’s infallible information.

Will Brotherton be CCB’s male lead? We don’t know yet. It does seem like a fun pair. In Fuller House, D.J. and Matt were engaged, until she broke it off. This movie may be the perfect romantic opportunity for those who wanted to see that couple united.

When Will Hallmark Air The Christmas Contest With Candace Cameron Bure?

According to IMDb, The Christmas Contest will air on November 28, 2021. That is the Sunday night after Thanksgiving. Last year, Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas movie, If I Only Had Christmas, with Warren Christie (Crashing Through The Snow), premiered on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That is prime television viewing, and Hallmark always gives CCB fans their best time slot.

However, you may want to just pencil in that date. Ho! Ho! Holiday Viewing! tweeted some caution with this listing. “IMDb isn’t always accurate, particularly about air dates, so don’t put too much stock in it, but THE CHRISTMAS CONTEST is listed as November 28th, which would make it Thanksgiving weekend and, IF that is true, one of Hallmark’s marquee movies. (Also assuming it is Hallmark, ofc.)”

Would you like to see Candace Cameron Bure and John Brotherton as leads in The Christmas Contest? Are you looking forward to Hallmark’s Countdown To Christmas?

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