Capricorn weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for September 26


DEC 22 – JAN 20

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Your lovelife can move from fantasy to reality

You have a career-positive chart but maybe not in the way you expect. 

As Mercury spins, looking back reveals a gap you are ready to fill, or a challenge you can accept, this time round. 

And suddenly so much starts making sense. 

The moon and Saturn face off over a cash change – maybe a choice between playing safe and playing to win.  You’re SO ready for this.

DESTINY DAYS:  Monday is make-up-your-mind day – especially in a love

Tread warily on Wednesday and Thursday – a done deal may be
anything but.  Plan Saturday spending in advance.

LUCKY LINKS: Numbers that start — or end — with your age. 

A pet with a Hollywood name.  Your favourite comfort food.

CUDDLE UP COUPLE UP: Your lovelife can move from fantasy to reality – as
you find yourself connecting in ways that feel 100% authentic. 

And any sense of hiding your true heart away (maybe to protect it) can end.

Above all, this autumn, Venus brings you confidence – to tell partners
you need changes, or to approach potential love targets, instead of
longing for them to notice you.   

Physically, you take charge, sparking some sizzling sessions.  And emotionally, by the turn of the year, you know “you” is more than enough.

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