Captain Sandy Just ‘Can’t Wait To Watch’ Lexi’s Firing

Below Deck Med star Captain Sandy Yawn got shady about Lexi Wilson’s firing. She said that she “can’t wait to watch” the new episode, which airs on Monday, August 23. The midseason trailer already came out and it has a major spoiler alert. A girl named Delaney is the new stew on board.

Does that mean Lexi Wilson finally got fired? Or, did she quit on the job? There have been moments when she could’ve lost her job. And there were times when she called her mother and said she wasn’t going to quit. Something happens since Sandy teased the new episode.

Captain Sandy Yawn “can’t wait to watch” Monday’s episode

The Below Deck Med captain took to Twitter to post a shady comment. She said that she “Can’t wait to watch” the next episode. Now, fans are wondering whether Lexi will still be part of the crew. The new trailer still shows a scene in which Lexi tries to get along with fellow stew Courtney Veale and chief stew Katie Flood. Then, in another scene, she gets into another argument with Chef Mathew Shea after another drunken crew night.

Peacock subscribers already got to see the first look at the new episode. Fans noticed that the notorious crew member was absent from Captain Sandy’s Twitter post. They have a feeling about what will happen before the end of the season. In her promo for the upcoming episode of Below Deck Med, Lexi is M.I.A. She’s become one of the most infamous stewardesses in the show’s history for her treatment of her crew members.

Lexi has already made her share of interesting comments this season. She revealed that she has a “burn list” and she likes to call herself “Satan.” Most fans have a feeling that she will be sent home soon. Lexi is most known for her inappropriate behavior in the hot tub and her attitude towards Mathew.

Did the Below Deck Med star leave the boat?

Below Deck Med fans have a good feeling that Lexi won’t last this season. It was already apparent from the start. Lexi made it a habit to brag about her beauty pageant past. She also claimed to have lived in an $8,000 per month apartment. If that is the case, fans wondered why Lexi is in yachting.

It could be that Lexi used the show to become an Instagram influencer. However, that could’ve backfired on her. She has since deleted her Instagram page for divulging too much information about the show. Viewers noticed that Lexi’s absence in the latest clip is a clue that she’s gone from the show.

They think that it’s been long overdue. Some have even predicted that Lexi will be fired or will walk off in the upcoming episodes. However, Sandy has since deleted the tweet. She hasn’t shared anything else about the new episode.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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