Cardi B Said What? Lizzo Dishes On Shooting ‘Rumors’ Video

Lizzo opened up about a sexually suggestive interaction she had with Cardi B while filming the visuals for her latest single, “Rumors.” The singer hung out with the crew over at The Breakfast Club where co-host Angela Yee asked the question on everyone’s mind. What is going on with that rumor about Cardi wanting to hook up. “Lemme tell you something. This is the funniest person!” quipped Lizzo who claims this rumor came from something a director for the video suggested. “We were sitting there, [the director] was like ‘Okay, now whisper into Lizzo’s ear.’ And it was the first time we had to do that. We had just been kinda chatting. She said ‘I want to eat your p***y.’”

Cardi B The Comedian

Lizzo and Cardi both got a good laugh out of the whole situation. “When I say I died laughing–this girl is so funny to me,” the two were like mischief-making troublemakers on the set. “The director split us up. She said ‘Y’all can’t stand next to each other no more. We gon’ have to do this in posts.’” Of course, co-host Charlamagne Tha God had to ask the flute player why she assumed that Cardi was only joking around. “To be honest with you, I can’t tell if she was joking or not. ‘Cause you know she’s always talking about big girl p***y.”

‘She’s Always Talking About It’

Lizzo too had to question if Kulture’s mommy was truly joking or jokingly suggesting to gauge her reaction. “She’s always talking about it. She says ‘P***y stay wet like a big b***h.’ Listen, I’ve been keeping records of this!” claimed Lizzo. The singer has never been afraid to talk about things that are not always conversation-friendly, but she was loving the fact that she had a partner in crime to do it with. “She talks about fat girl p***y all the time, and she got that tongue so who knows! Maybe the rumors are true… It got a little milky down there.”

Rumors Dropped August 14

Lizzo first teased that her new single and video would be dropping soon earlier this month. Just before the release, she hopped on Instagram to tease her fans with possible collaborators on the song. She eventually revealed that the collaboration would feature Cardi B with a cute Insta post of her face timing the star who is preparing for her second child with rapper Offset. “GRAND RISING MUTHAFUCKASSSSS…. GUESS WHOS HOPPIN ON ‘RUMORS’ W/ ME?!? 🤫🔥🤫🔥🤫🥺🤫🔥” she captioned the video. Cardi commented on the post “you really think they ready?” getting fans hyped for some new music from two of the baddest in the game right now.

Beautiful Goddesses

The song, according to a Tweet from Lizzo has been eating up the music charts. “YALL WE ARE #2 ON APPLE MUSIC #3 ON SPOTIFY & #1 ON iTUNES!!!!!! LET’S GOOOOO #Rumors” she wrote with a snippet of the video where the women look like actual goddesses. Lizzo has been celebrating her release in true Lizzo fashion. She recently posted a video of herself dancing in front of a group of people playing music on the side of the road and celebrated with them as well. “MOOD,” she wrote. “I’M DRIVING AROUND (SAFELY) CELEBRATING ‘RUMORS’!! IF U SEE ME, SAY HI! CAN WE GET A FLUTE EMOJI PLS @APPLE ?! STREAM RUMORS FOR A FAT ASS AND A CLEAR MIND.” Are the caps any indication of how excited Lizzo is?

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