Cardi B shows how to fake a flat tum despite baby bump – flabbergasting fans

Pregnant with her second baby with fellow rapper and Fast & Furious 9 star Offset, curvaceous Cardi B took to TikTok show how deceptive social media can be.

In the first clip, the rap star shows off her famous hourglass figure in a daring blue jumpsuit.

Cardi B stretches to the ceiling, accentuating her curves in the killer outfit.

Fans were initially none the wiser that she was hiding a bump.

Then the 28-year-old recording artist captioned the TikTok video “they gonna know”, which raised suspicions that she had something to reveal.

She then relaxes her body and cradles her belly, showing the camera that she’s actually pregnant.

Cardi B showed fans how she manages to conceal her baby bump

Cardi B floored fans with the clip, which showed how easy it was for her to conceal her bump by wearing an illusion jumpsuit and posing up a storm.

The viral Tiktok clip has garnered a whopping 16.5 million views and 3.1 million likes.

Fans of the WAP star took to the TikTok comment section to share their surprise that Cardi B was pregnant when filming the clip.

And many expressed how well the jumpsuit concealed her bump.

One user commented: “You hid that well omg.”

Cardi B
Fans couldn’t believe how well Cardi B hid her bump

Cardi B and Offset
Cardi B and Offset are expecting their second baby

Disney star Skai Jackson even commented: “How did you do that?”

A third user explained in the comments that: “The jumpsuit creates an optical illusion and the video is shot at a low angle.”

Another added that: “It literally looks like it is not there from the front angle.”

Cardi B announced her second pregnancy on social media platform Instagram back in June.

She is expecting another baby after the birth of the rap couple’s first child, daughter Kulture, in October 2018.

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