Carly And Nina Fight Over Sonny, Who Will He Choose?

General Hospital: Sonny is back in Port Charles, and that is all the fireworks we had hoped for. But when everything settles down a bit, how will people who he had made connections with as “Mike” get affected? GH viewers know Sonny had started living in Nixon Falls as “Mike.”

There he made connections with Phyllis, Lenny, and most importantly, Nina. They had fallen in love. But now that Sonny has remembered everything, and he knows that he has a wife. So, how will his relationship with Nina get affected? Is a love triangle on the cards? Here is everything to know. 

Sonny Is Back

General Hospital viewers know that once “Mike” remembered everything about his past life, one person he couldn’t wait to get back to was Carly. He remembered that not only was Carly the love of his life, but she was very important. And he needed to get back with her. Without wasting a lot of time, he was on his way back home.

General Hospital

In the recent episode, we saw Sonny and Carly’s reunion. He is learning everything about whatever has happened in the past nine months, and all he wants is to stay with his wife. But how will this affect the relationship he had built with Nina? 

What Will Happen To Nina-Mike’s Relationship?

GH viewers would recall, in all the time Sonny has spent as “Mike,” he was growing closer to Nina. They had confessed their love

to each other and were even planning a life together. But as soon as Sonny woke up, he burst out on Nina. Nina told him that she loved him, but Sonny made it clear that the person she loved was “Mike,” and he is now dead. So, how will Nina accept it?

General Hospital spoilers hint that there is a possibility that Nina might soon come to Port Charles too. When she does, she might try to clear the air between her and Sonny. She might want to remind him of their love and even tell him why she didn’t tell her the truth. Nina might say that she liked the kind of life Sonny was living as “Mike,” and she didn’t want to disrupt it. Would Sonny be receptive to that? Could a love triangle be in the making? It looks like so. 

General Hospital: Is A Love Triangle In Making?

There is a possibility that a love triangle might be in the making on Port Charles. Recently, Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) answered questions on General Hospital’s Facebook live. While talking about what would happen next, the actor says that his character loves Carly, but he also loves Nina. Sonny is back, and he is taking all the decisions from his mind. But his heart knows what he and Nina had. So, he might find it hard to shake off.

With that said, Sonny also believes that Carly is the woman in his life, and he won’t do injustice to her. So, there is a possibility that a love triangle might be in the making. General Hospital viewers might also get to see Nina and Carly

as they get into a nasty fight over Sonny. Who will win? What would happen there? We will have to wait to know.

The upcoming episodes of General Hospital will bring some answers that all fans have been looking for. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. In the meantime, will keep you updated with all the news about the soap as it surfaces. So, be sure to keep an eye on this space.


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