Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher Driven To Near Divorce After Fights?

Is Carrie Underwood sabotaging her marriage to Mike Fisher with her constant “nitpicking”? One year ago, a tabloid claimed Underwood and Fisher were near a breaking point. We’re checking back in on the parents of two.

‘Control Freak’ Carrie Underwood Bugging Mike Fisher?

Around this time last year, the National Enquirer reported Carrie Underwood was driving her husband Mike Fisher up a wall with her constant demands. As Underwood finished her album, The Gift, she was expecting Fisher to keep their house “in perfect order” and would “blow a fuse” whenever Fisher so much as left “a crumb anywhere.” The insider dished, “Mike’s not used to having his every move critiqued, and it’s starting to get to him.”

To make things even more stressful, Underwood was demanding her family to clean up their diets. “Mike’s fine with making sure the kids are squared away with breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, but Carrie’s very fussy about what they eat. And she gets on his case if he doesn’t leave the kitchen immaculate afterward,” the insider revealed. “Mike tells friends he’s trying to be a good husband, but Carrie nitpicks about everything. Nobody would be surprised if this blows up big-time!”

‘Fussy’ Carrie Underwood’s Marriage Headed For Major ‘Blow Up’?

While no marriage is perfect, we doubt Underwood’s latest album was causing any problems for the couple. The tabloids are constantly using sexist stereotypes in their narratives. The idea that Underwood is “fussy” or “controlling” or “nitpicky” was entirely based on the fact that Underwood is a successful woman. Despite what the tabloids may think, it is possible for a woman to have both a successful career and a healthy marriage.

Besides, at the time this article was published, the couple had just recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. And just a few months ago, Underwood posted a sweet picture of her and Fisher on Instagram to celebrate their eleventh anniversary. In the caption, Underwood wrote, “Happy anniversary, babe! 11 years sure have flown by…here’s to many, many more! Love you!” According to all available evidence, the couple is doing just fine.

The Tabloid On Carrie Underwood

But we wouldn’t trust a word the National Enquirer says about Carrie Underwood. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed COVID-19 quarantine saved her and Fisher’s marriage. Then the outlet alleged Fisher was “fearing” for Underwood as she become “obsessed” with her health. And more recently, the magazine claimed Underwood told Fisher she didn’t want any more children. Obviously, the Enquirer isn’t reliable when it comes to the couple.


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