Casey Nezhoda Reveals Brandi Isn’t The Only Sexy ‘Storage Wars’ Queen

Casey Nezhoda is taking to Instagram to prove Brandi Passante isn’t the only sexy queen on Storage Wars. She is showing off her body in a sweaty snap and getting all sorts of love for it.

Casey Nezhoda on Instagram

Casey Nezhoda is taking hot girl summer to the next level and she isn’t letting the fact that it is actually autumn stop her. She posted a new pic on Instagram and fans are loving it.

“#Summers not over yet! Have a great week everyone! #workingout #fitness #lovinglife #bargainhuntersthrift #storagewars,” she captions the photo.

The Storage Wars star is wearing a sports bra and little shorts that she has sitting up around her hips. She is showing off her mid-section and even seems to be having some abs poking through. Her sports bra cuts low to show off her bust and her chest is dripping in sweat from what was likely a great workout.

Casey Nezhoda | Instagram

Casey is holding two pink three-pound weights showing off how she got her rocking body. Her blonde curls are running wild as they frame her happy face.

Storage Wars fans blew up the comment section showing support for the glowing star.

Casey Nezhoda | Instagram

She wasn’t the only one to share the photo

Turns out Casey wasn’t the only one to share that photo. In fact, she got a lot of hype from Rene Nezhoda. He’s encouraging everyone to go follow Casey on Instagram and show their support.

“If you guys haven’t had a chance yet make sure to follow @cbargainhunters #storagewars #fitness #makingmoney #grinding #everyday,” he writes in the caption.

Howe sweet is that? He really wants to support Casey and get people to learn more about her. Of course, the Storage Wars star got a lot of attention here too with some seemingly rude comments thrown in.

“Now crack the whip and get your hubby in shape,” one fan jokes

“Yesssssssss she looks amazing!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Lucky man you are Rene. Hope everyone is doing well. ❤️,” another says.

“Please encourage your man to put down the strudel and hit up a tread mill,” someone else says with a twinge of seriousness.

Overall, it seems that everyone is super supportive of Casey getting into great shape and showing off her body on social media!

Do you follow Casey Nezhoda on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite reality TV stars!

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