Cat Fakes Limp Viral Video On Tiktok Sympathy Before Hilariously Switching Paw

A Tik Tok video of a trickery cat is getting viral on the internet, as she has been faking a limp. The video is crossing millions of views and is highly liked by the users. People are now sharing this video on social media with their accounts. This cat is now becoming everyone’s favorite and also makes the viewers .laugh out loud with her fake actions. A cat is now called a celebrity cat as the video has been crossed 10.5 million views.

A Tik Tok video of a trickery cat is getting viral on the internet,

Video of a cat fake limps:-

A cat in a video will be seen doing a fake limp so that he can get who Ginger Moggy, which named by his owner Edward is, is seen trying to make his owner fool, he sits at the kitchen counter with his left paw in the air, and this is injured one. So when his owner says to him that, “Not this again, Honey.” An owner uploaded more video of his cat on his tik tok account handle @hotclowing. And he lives in the U.S.

Notwithstanding suspect fraud, as cat later gives his owner cuddles and blows. And the owner of a cat understands that his pet needs attention and love from him. Then he wrote, “My left paw needs love.” The cat scratches him and chooses also, and he asks his pet “what happened, baby?” After this, Edward walks towards the edge of the counter and stretches a body; on the other side, the owner of a cat continuously narrates his words by writing them down in the caption, “Hold on gotta stretch, oh yeah the paw.” Whereas Edward doesn’t stop here, and it continuous to pretending to be hurt but then he mixes up both the paws and then raised the wrong one later. This seems so hilarious in the video. His owner says “hey you just switched your paws”

A video post by the owner at the end of the last month on his Tik Tok account. And now the video jas been crossed over 10.5 million views. It is also jammed up with the millions of comments on the video. The user showering love to a cat at hi’s hilarious trickeries. A video also crossed over 2 million likes. Well, a video is captioned with the words, “He is a drama queen.” An owner of the cat confirmed that he isn’t hurt or injured. He is fine but all he needs is attention that sits.

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