Catherine McBroom responds to Trisha Paytas & Tana Mongeau’s claims that Austin cheated

After the ACE Family’s Catherine McBroom was asked about Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau’s claims that her husband Austin cheated on her, she claimed she ‘doesn’t know’ who they are.

The ACE Family is one of YouTube’s most popular family vlog channels, with over 19 million subscribers and a huge number of dedicated fans.

However, in the past few months, Austin has come under fire for a number of different reasons. Following the YouTubers vs. TikTokers pay drama, Austin was sued by multiple different people, with some claiming he ‘misrepresented’ the event to them.

On top of this, he has also been accused of cheating on his wife Catherine. In June, YouTuber Tana Mongeau accused Austin of paying off her roommate so they wouldn’t expose him cheating, among other claims, but Austin responded by calling her a “clout chaser.” In August, Trisha Paytas also alleged he was “clearly cheating.”

On September 2, paparazzi channel Hollywood Digest asked Catherine as she was getting into her car: “Tana and Trisha are always coming up with cheating rumors against Austin, do you have anything to say about that?”

She responded: “I’m sorry, I don’t know who those people are. Have a good day,” before shutting the car door.

While it’s possible that she didn’t recognize the names in the moment, some commenters have claimed that it was intentional shade toward the two YouTubers who have been making claims against Austin.

Topic starts at 1:55

Others claimed that the McBrooms were actually at Tana’s wedding when she got married to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul back in 2019.

It’s not clear whether she’ll ever go on to address the cheating allegations against her husband in full, but it looks like she’s not interested in entertaining the claims for now.

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