Cat’s hilarious reaction to owner’s voice getting louder leaves fans divided

A pet owner filmed his cat’s mortified reaction to him getting louder in a video clip – and fans don’t know what to think.

The peaceful cat looked absolutely horrified as the person in the clip progressively lowered their voice.

In the viral clip, the feline can be seen blinking slowly as though it just woke up from a lovely nap.

Then moments later, the furry animal was in shock as the person’s voice got louder and louder.

Towards the end of the video, the owner can be heard chuckling as his cat’s eyes are as big as saucers by this point.

While the Reddit post racked up over 18,700 votes and hundreds of comments, there was a mixed response on the online forum.

The cat appeared to be peaceful before its owner opened his mouth
(Image: Reddit)

The poster wrote: “My cat’s reaction to me getting progressively louder.”

One Reddit user joked: “She’ll be watching you sleep later. Remember that.”

Another added: “I’m with the cat on this one,” while a third commented: “No thanks.”

A fourth chimed in: “He thought you were gonna explode,” and a fifth wrote: “His pupils are hilarious.”

Cat's reaction on Reddit
The pet looked like it saw a ghost
(Image: Reddit)

Meanwhile, one Family Guy fan pointed out: “Dude you sound like Peter Griffin.”

And another Reddit user blasted: “This cat has had enough of your s***.”

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Previously, one Reddit user shared a photo of her cat’s brutal reaction to her saying good morning.

In the photo, the brown and ginger pet scrunched her eyes as she glared at her owner.

She didn’t look too fazed by the fact that her owner could have been smiling or showing her love.

As the cat just didn’t give off any expression to her owner, it certainly made others laugh on the open forum.

One wrote: “‘I liked you better when you were silent’.”

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