Caught on Camera: Train smashes into wind turbine after truck carrying it fails to make crossing in time

A horrific accident caught on camera shows a train smashing into a wind turbine blade after the truck carrying it failed to make the crossing in time.

The crash, reportedly, happened in South Texas on Sunday. The footage shows the heavy impact of the train flipping the truck onto its side with the turbine blades on the back.

According to a report by NBC, people inside the truck sustained minor injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital.

People who witnessed the crash said the truck had already brought a few blades across the tracks when the train collided.

Watch it here:



The short clip of the incident was shared on social media and YouTube, after which users were quick to share their thoughts.

A user wrote, “Holy cr*p. I’m from Karnes City and work for Mission Petroleum, and we run crude in Luling every day, and I know the exact spot.”

“Imagine the hundreds of skilled workers and engineers that made this product, oh my god, the pain and heartache,” wrote another.

“Why did the trucker didn’t leave the truck? I would have run away as soon as the gates came down,” wrote a third user.

Trucks carrying large wind turbines are apparently a common sight in Texas because the state is home to many wind farms.

Earlier this year, a viral video showed a biker in India having a narrow escape after a speeding train crashed his motorcycle.

The video begins with people crossing the railway tracks even when the barricades are closed. Pedestrians can also be seen crossing and walking near the tracks.

A biker also attempts to cross the tracks but realizes it may be too late and applies the brake causing the vehicle to slow down. The panicked biker is unable to control the vehicle and jumps off. As he rushes back, the bike lying on the ground gets crushed by the speeding train.

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