Celeb chef Tom Kerridge takes swipe at meme star Salt Bae’s pricey £630 steak

Having recently been slammed for ‘overcharging’ on steak himself, Chef Tom Kerridge has taken to Twitter to have his say on Salt Bae’s pricey restaurant menu.

The celebrity chef, 48, shared his thoughts on the meme chef’s new London restaurant.

Tom took to Twitter to swipe at the meme chef’s menu prices after they went viral on social media.

In the hilarious post, the popular chef attached a picture of a new sign for his restaurant that read: “Tom-ahawk steak not £630.”

The funny gaffe also had a graphic attached of Tom’s face positioned on top of a steak, which has left fans in stitches.

Tom captioned the Twitter post: “Saltbae steak: £630. Some peace and quiet: priceless”

Tom Kerridge takes a hilarious jibe at Salt Bae

The dig comes after internet star and chef Nusret Gökçe Erzurum, or more commonly known as Salt Bae, was blasted online for charging £630 for a normal steak and £1,350 for a gold-coated piece of meat.

People quickly took to the comments to praise Tom for his funny jibe at Salt Bae and his rather pricey steaks.

One person said: “Genius.”

Another person commented: “Love it!”

A third person noted: “You can’t knock the man’s hype skills though.”

Salt Bae
Salt Bae has caused quite the storm after charging some eyewatering prices for his steaks

Tom Kerridge
Chef Tom Kerridge is usually the one under fire for the price of his steaks

Someone else added: “Big love chef.”

While many saw the funny side, some people pointed out that dining at Tom’s restaurant isn’t much cheaper.

One person commented: “Tom, it’s five and a half quid for a roll and butter at your gaff.”

Another user said: “£87 for a steak and £25+ for a starter? People in glass houses …”

Someone else added: “Mate you seem like a nice guy but charge £6.50 for some roast peanuts and you can’t really take the p***.”

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