Celebrity Marriages That Will Likely Go the Distance

When it comes to the celebrity world, nothing is set in stone; no relationship is determined to stand the test of time, but fans have seen a few go through hurdles, and stick together despite the outcome. While the usual prayer from fans is that their favorite celebrity couples grow old together, nobody knows tomorrow.

Some people tend to forget that famous person are also humans, and they can get hurt, or be capable of hurting someone. Nevertheless, for now, the few lovers who make everything about love look bright and sunny for their fans, are well rooted for. We do hope that they grow old together.

From the famous Hip-Hop couple, Queen Bey and Jay-Z, to the country musicians, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, these couples make falling in love feel like what the great novelists write in their fictional books. Keep reading below to know more about these love stories.

Beyoncé & Jay-Z

It’s not surprising that this couple is the first on the list, as they can easily be regarded as the 21st century Bonnie and Clyde that we all love and cherish.

The singer and rapper started off like every other normal young love in the neighborhood and grew an empire together. Some people will likely say that Cookie and Lucious have nothing on these real-life hustlers by morning, lovers by night.

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z allegedly started their relationship in 2002, however, they officially became a married couple in 2008. Despite the difficulties they faced in the music industry, this couple were able to jointly sell over 3000 million records by April 2014, and it continued.

Now, they are lovely parents to Blue Ivy Carter, and twins, Sir Carter and Rumi Carter.

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani

Now, this is one love story that will bring tears of joy and excitement to any eyes that reads through how this romance began.

Some people believe that individuals do not rest or feel content until they have met their soulmates. When it comes to Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s love story, it’s safe to assume that the duo are soulmates who found rest after finding each other.

Both Shelton and Stefani were married to other people in the past, but they met as singles on the music talent show, “The Voice.” After speculations that they had kicked off a romance went viral on social media platforms in 2016, the duo announced their engagement in October 2020, and got married in July 2021.

During the few years that they courted, the country singers released several songs together, some of which described the love that they feel for one another.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

This celebrity couple has been responsible for giving their fans heartaches and excitement in the years that they have been married, however, deep down, many fans are rooting for them.

2016 White House Correspondents dinner arrivals

The Smiths are a true definition of success in Hollywood, although their marriage may not seem to be all that, they are still known to be great and supportive parents to their kids, Jaden Smith and Willow Smith. There’s just something about this couple, that makes fans want to scream in anger and love at the same time.

Aside from the controversy that the Smiths bring to out screens every now and then, they are amazing lovers who make loving people despite their flaws easy and bearable. In essence, the actors are admirable in their own little way, and people are rooting for them to remain happy and grow old together.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

The ladies want Mark Consuelos, while the men want Kelly Ripa, but this couple wants and loves each other every day on our screens, and it’s beautiful to watch.

The pair, who have been married for 25 years, are still going strong till date. This young love started in 1995, when they starred together in “All My Children.” For the dramatic part, they eloped and got married in 1996. Ripa and Consuelos, who are both incredible A-list actors watched each other grow in both their personal and professional lives.

The pair, who have known each other for half of their lives, share three beautiful children, and still continue to love each other in different ways everyday. If there is one beautiful love story that fans want to last forever, this is it.

Barack Obama & Michelle Obama

Becoming a President of one of he biggest countries in the world is no small feat, but Barack Obama, a black man born in Hawaii, did it, and the most incredible thing was that he did it with his beautiful wife, Michelle by his side.

The former President and First Lady of the United States of America first met as colleagues at the Sidney Austin LLP law firm. At the time, Michelle was tasked with mentoring Barack, who was a summer associate with the firm.

Although they had differing opinions and thoughts about life and goals, they came together to build not only a family but lead a country. When Barack made his intentions to enter office known, Michelle stood by him, and today, they are enjoying the fruits of their labor, with two beautiful daughters, Malia Obama and Sasha Obama.

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