Celebrity Stylist Sets Guinness World Record for Crazy Beard

Dean Banowetz, who is known in the celebrity hair world as The Hollywood Hair Guy now holds a new title – Guinness World Record Holder!

Although he usually draws attention by decorating his glorious beard for the holidays, Banowetz pulled off a pretty impressive – and weird – feat when he spent over 16 hours placing around 5,000 bobby pins in his beard to nab the Guinness record for the most bobby pins in a beard. Sourcing the thousands of bobby pins from his friends, Banowetz was able to achieve his goal and also used the spotlight to raise money for children who have lost their mothers to colon cancer.

According to his site, Dean Banowetz and a man named Joel Strasser met through their mutual love for adorning their beards in crazy ways.

Courtesy of Dean Banowetz

“After speaking, they realized that they shared something else in common. They both recently lost a loved one, which is where the goal to raise money for four children’s college funds in honor of their recently passed moms came from,” the website states.

Providing links to donations for the two women who inspired Banowetz and Strasser to start their mission, they have raised over $40,000 for the surviving children.

“It was an awesome competition and in the end we raised more than [40k] for four amazing kids that lost their moms. AND we are still raising money for the amazing children!” Banowetz wrote on Instagram following the conclusion of his beard competition.

Banowetz also celebrated the success of his fundraiser with a bit of irony by allowing some students to shave off his record-setting face fuzz. At least he can start growing again!

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