Changing Rooms couple annoyed over makeover that makes home ‘look like funeral parlour’

A Changing Rooms couple were left unimpressed by their home makeover carried out by designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen as they compared it to a funeral parlour.

Maria and Nick, from Cardiff were tasked with making over their pals Teresa and Andrew’s uninspiring front room on Monday (August 30) night’s episode of the Channel 4 show.

They wanted to transform the room into a cosy family space with the help of Laurence.

However instead of cosy, extravagant designer Laurence opted for a room featuring splashes of black decor, an elaborate geometric mural and faux concrete panels.

In a bid to give the room “granadious glamour”, Laurence reworked the fireplace, which now features a mosaic design in keeping with the white, black and yellow colour scheme.

Teresa and Andrew weren’t too impressed with their room makeover
(Image: Channel 4)

Also added to the area were gold accents, a black and white leather feature wall, black velvet curtains and concrete panels inspired by Italian modernist architect Carlo Scarpa.

Many viewers weren’t fans of the room’s new look with one joking that Laurence is “wrecking homes for laughs”, while another called the room’s makeover “horrible”.

Initially, Laurence received positive feedback from Maria and Nick about his paint choices of Swansdown, yellow and a splash of back.


Teresa and Andrew's room before Changing Rooms makeover
Their room was described as “uninspiring” before
(Image: Channel 4)
Teresa and Andrew's room after Changing Rooms makeover
But Teresa compared the room to a funeral parlour after the makeover
(Image: Channel 4)


Asked what property owner Teresa would think, Maria said: “She’ll kill me, but I love it!”

And Maria was right about Teresa’s reaction, as she wasn’t impressed with the style.

She wasn’t a fan of the black paint and curtains at all, comparing them to a “funeral parlour”.

Things got awkward as host Anna Richardson asked: “We’ve re-imagined the fireplace, what do you think?”

A hesitant Teresa replied: “Um…not sure yet. There is a lot of black going around.


Teresa on Changing Rooms
Teresa said she wasn’t a fan of the black
(Image: Channel 4)
Paint that was used for Teresa and Andrew's room on Changing Rooms
Viewers described the black and yellow theme as dated
(Image: Channel 4)


“I’m not a fan of the black curtain, the black reminds me of a funeral parlour. I think I will have a little less black.”

Defending his decision to have black velvet curtains, Laurence said: “The black is there for a very good reason. When you have a black accent it makes everything pale feel further away.”

But viewers didn’t agree, with one writing: “She’s right. It’s horrible. Black and yellow is very 2015. The black curtains are very Crematorium #ChangingRooms.’

While another added: “What am I watching? Are they competing for the ugliest? #ChangingRooms.”

Another simply exclaimed: “Funeral parlour! #ChangingRooms.”

Also during the show, which sees neighbours transform each others’ houses, Teresa and Andrew were tasked with making overu0009 their friend’s plain white living room diner into a multi-functional family space with the help of Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe.

But Jordan and Russell also got a less than enthusiastic response from Teresa and Andrew after revealing they had chosen terracotta, neon green and blue for the living room.

After they first saw the first colour, both Teresa and Andrew both looked shocked, but Jordan reassured them: “This is the buildings of Milan!”

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