Charli D’Amelio claims she gets more hate on TikTok just because she’s a girl

TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio has spoken out about the “harsh” criticism she receives as a female TikToker. In an interview with Access Hollywood, the young sensation stated that she feels “incredibly frustrated” by the backlash. 

Charli was met with controversy as recently as August 27 when a photographer slammed her for “making millions” from “his work.”

The star has often opened up about the hate comments she’s received. In a TikTok posted May 2020, she exposed commenters drawing attention to her “skinny” body. One user even claimed she “doesn’t deserve” her fame.

On September 1, Charli stated that “other people” probably wouldn’t be met with the same “comebacks” as her.

Topic starts at 12:33

During the D’Amelio family interview, presenter Sibley Scoles turned her attention to 17-year-old Charli. She questioned whether Charli had been “held to a different standard” in comparison to “male TikTok creators.” The correspondent then went on to say “I feel like that happens to women in a lot of arenas.”

The star said “I stand by that statement” before clarifying that “I definitely do get a lot of harsh comebacks.” She stated that “I see other people doing the same thing… and not getting the same response.”

Fellow sensation and sister Dixie interjected that the TikTok star meant “men.”

The statement was met with mixed reactions

Some users praised Charli’s comments on Instagram. “She’s right,” one commenter said. “Female influencer and celebrities get more hate than male influencers and celebrities.”

Another user commented on fans’ reactions to drama. “Its seen as typical behavior if men get into drama,” they said. “But if a woman does it, she usually gets ten times more backlash.”

Other people weren’t so convinced. “Can’t defend yourself so you bring feminism into it,” one commented. “Who’s even hating on her,” said another.

The D’Amelio Show is set to be released on Hulu, September 3.


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