Charli D’Amelio reportedly suing photographer after ‘stealing’ claims over book

Charli D’Amelio’s legal team is reportedly threatening action against the photographer who claimed she used his pictures in her book without permission — and he insists his issue is with them, not her.

Photographer Jake Doolittle made headlines on August 31 after slamming Charli D’Amelio for allegedly using his pictures in her ‘Essentially Charli’ book without his permission.

He claimed that she made “millions” off his work, and although he was credited, he believes he’s entitled to compensation according to a “previous agreement.”

After the story blew up on the internet, it caught the eye of her legal team, who reportedly threatened to take action against him. As a result, he felt the need to address the situation and released a response video on YouTube.

Instagram: Charli D’Amelio

Charli’s book, ‘Essentially Charli,’ released in December 2020.

“I got a call from someone at the D’Amelio team asking me to delete all the posts, scaring me into not making a video saying more about it, and threatening to get lawyers involved if I keep spreading what they deem as false information,” he said.

“I deleted everything that has to do with Charli D’Amelio or the team. I should have known it would make me look guilty. But when you’re on the phone with someone from the D’Amelio team asking you to delete everything, you do it.”

Jake believes Dexerto’s coverage of the situation sent the legal team into a frenzy because it did not “paint them in good light.”

He claimed he received three calls and eleven text messages from them 30 minutes after it went live.

He confirmed that his issue isn’t with Charli. Instead, it’s with the “media conglomerate” behind her.

“It felt amazing to have my work wanted, but it’s frustrating to be so small that I have no power to get paid for it,” he said.

Jake concluded his statement by saying that they needed to have the courtesy to tell him they were planning to use his photos in the book and offer him money for his work.

“It makes me think I can’t be the only person that this has happened to,” he said.

“I feel powerless when it’s me fighting against a big media conglomerate with managers, lawyers, public relations people, and so much more.”

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