Charli D’Amelio’s hilarious wisdom teeth removal goes viral on YouTube: “Do I look great?”

TikTok’s number-one creator just got her wisdom teeth removed — and her vlog documenting the entire procedure is nothing short of hilarious.

In May 2020, TikTok star-turned-music artist Dixie D’Amelio got her wisdom teeth taken out. The ordeal was instantly a viral hit among her fanbase, showing the ‘One Whole Day’ singer loopy out of her gourd and sobbing uncontrollably.

Luckily, the painful operation is in the past… but little sis Charli has finally taken her turn at the dentist’s after her own wisdom teeth started to show signs of life.

Compared to Dixie, Charli’s experience getting her wisdom teeth taken out was decidedly less emotional. Just after the operation, Charli’s mother gave her the low-down about the procedure, leading to a humorous conversation with an optimistic, yet confused, TikToker still coming down from the laughing gas.

“You look great!” Charli’s mom exclaimed.

“Thank you!” Charli chipperly replied through a wad of bandages and tissues. “They did such a great job!”

The exchange even prompted her nurse to dub the sprightly Charli “so cute” — but the waterworks soon appeared after Charli texted her big sis about the procedure and she didn’t answer right away.

“It’s okay,” Charli sobbed after her mom reassured her that Dixie was probably just busy. “I love her, Dixie!”

This is far from the first time that both D’Amelio sisters have gone under the knife; in 2020, the siblings both got septoplasties, with Charli claiming that she’d broken her nose and couldn’t breathe properly.

Dixie got a similar surgery shortly thereafter, with both sisters sharing footage of the grisly process to social media.

YouTube: Charli D’Amelio

Charli shared the entire process of her septoplasty to the internet – even sharing the grosser parts of the procedure.

This time, it doesn’t look like critics are accusing Charli of “copying” her big sis for getting her wisdom teeth removed like they did with Dixie — but you can’t really argue that point when wisdom teeth become impacted, whether you want them to or not.

Charli’s video immediately ranked at the top of YouTube’s trending page and is still at number one a day later, prompting the TikToker to give a brief word of thanks to her fans.

For now, it looks like this TikToker is taking it easy while the “golf ball in the side of her face” heals.

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