Charlotte Tilbury won’t let husband see her without makeup to keep spark alive

A beauty guru sparked backlash for saying she’d “never” let her man see her without makeup on.

Charlotte Tilbury makes sure she always looks groomed in order to “keep the magic alive” in her relationship.

Speaking about her marriage to film producer George Waud, 54, she told FEMAIL : “I have my bedroom eye.

“I take off my make-up, do my skincare, then I put on my Colour Theory eye liner that lasts 16 hours and my mascara.

“George has never seen me without a bedroom eye. Never! I tell you, keep the magic alive.”

The 48-year-old makeup artist, from London, received a mixed response after sharing her opinion.

Charlotte Tilbury divided opinion when she shared her beauty regime

One Twitter user wrote: “Hey, Charlotte Tilbury, I look great without makeup.

“Stop trying to make women conform to your nonsense beauty standards.”

Another said: “I wear makeup whenever I want and take it off whenever I want.

“If a partner has a problem with it (middle finger emoji).”

And a third added: “Seriously? Is this the 50s? I’d rather be single than keep a man. Ridiculous.”

Makeup mogul Charlotte Tilbury with her husband George Waud
Makeup mogul Charlotte Tilbury with her husband George Waud

But others defended the beauty guru – with many pointing out she was simply sharing her marriage secrets instead of trying to make people copy her.

One wrote: “She didn’t say that at all, just that her husband has never seen her without makeup.

“She’s hardly promoting that.”

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Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup artist to the stars.

She received an MBE from the Queen back in 2018 and her career has continued to sky-rocket.

Her work has been seen in the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair and she’s also worked with celebrities like Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian and Amal Clooney.

She’s also worked with huge brands like Tom Ford and Burberry, as well as having her own successful self-titled cosmetics line.

And apparently, a pot of her £49 Magic Cream product sells every two minutes globally.

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